The Corona Diaries – Day 213

i was feeling so much better toady – raring to go. I bounded up my hill in the bright sunlight – now achieved 213 consecutive 10,000 steps. I’m Covid fit!

Back home I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing a bit of Robert Wyatt. Such a distinctive voice.

A productive day!!

Back in Coronaland the Tories excelled themselves in nastiness – voting to let the kids starve. But then that is no less than I would expect of them. Evil snobs.

In the States there is record early voting and the polls are moving more towards Biden. I hope they are right. The chaotic Trump policies are so damaging – the environment, the WHO, UN and the extreme right wing Neo-Nazis. We so need rid of that division and stoking up of hatred, all these lies, conspiracy theories and belligerence. There’s much more to life than money!! Not that the chump is good with money – other than stealing it for himself.

Then there’s the callous Tories refusing to look after the most deprived kids – let them starve!! I hope it rebounds on them big time. They are so arrogant.

We are being told about long-covid now – and scared with the possibility that even if you get it mildly it can cause long-term damage to heart, lungs and brain (and just about every other organ) and leave you without energy. But what they don’t tell you is how many people are affected this way. Where are the stats???

We’re not having a lockdown but soon the whole country will be moved to tiers (it’s cheaper). It certainly leaves me in tears.

Scotland is preparing for a digital Christmas. Wales and Ireland are locked down. In England the new cases soar to 26,687 and deaths rise to 191. Out world-beating Track and Trace is only tracing less than 60% – more breast-beating than world-beating. The arguments go on with regional Mayors. The North is abandoned. Johnson is being ripped in half by his own MPs. Half of them want to throw the country to the wolves and the other half want tighter measures. The new northern MPs are watching with dismay as Cummings shows contempt for northerners and their chances of re-election dwindle. We’ve got Brexit looming – and the chaos, expense and job losses from that will have to be blamed on Covid.

Wow!! What a turbulent time.

In the USA the new cases have soared to 62,751 with an horrendous 1,171 deaths – some of the loony right might be regretting going to Trump rallies without masks and social distancing. They’ll be dying for a sinking cause as Trump’s popularity continues to dive.

In Brazil it is going up again – another 24,818 new cases and 566 deaths.

What a bunch of inept leaders we voted in!!!

Stay safe! There’s always tomorrow!!

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