The Corona Diaries – Day 212

I’m feeling crap today, no energy, listless and fed-up. I’ve got a bit of a cold and upset stomach.

It didn’t stop me doing my walk. I went up on my hill. It was cool and murky, overcast and misty. The air felt dank. But even so it was good to be out there in nature. That is revitalising.

Back home I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing a bit of Al Stewart. That takes me back fifty years!!

Life is very short. Make the most of it.

Out here in Coronaland the picture is looking grim. we’ve surged up to 21,330 new cases and 241 deaths. I can’t see Johnson’s tiers doing the job. I think we’re in for a lot of deaths.

The stupidity is scary. The Tories really don’t seem to care about the North. They don’t mind if businesses go under and people starve. Why aren’t they supporting people properly?

They have just brought in testing at the airports. Doors, horse and bolted come to mind. It’s Oct 21st. Surely that should have happened in March???

They are doing trials on a vaccine – they are deliberately infecting people to see if it works. (I think the government is secretly doing a big trial in the North of England). I hope it works I’m getting sick of all this. A bit of normality would be good.

Meanwhile there are only two weeks to go in the US election. I so hope that Trump gets dumped and the Republicans taught a lesson. Their attitude is brazenly corrupt. 4 more years of environmental damage and bitter division. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

In Brazil there were another 23,227 new cases and 661 deaths. I hope Bolsonaro is proud?

Stay safe everybody – the worst is yet to come!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 212

  1. Opher, get well soon. But I envy you for being able to get out and walk – it’s been pissing with rain here for the last two days, and I’ve twisted something in my back too. Not an area of the body I normally have problems with.

    It’s certainly crunch time in Coronaland UK. At one level, you can say that as the new cases increase, they demonstrate the futility of all lockdowns, however stringent. If SAGE had had their way with a “circuit-breaker” lockdown, and it hadn’t had any effect, what would have been the results? (Falsifying the stats, most likely).

    At another level, there are those who say that we’re already not far short of herd immunity in the worst affected areas. If they’re right, new cases should start to go down pretty damn quick – certainly inside two weeks. I’m taking an agnostic view on that. I’ll look at the data!

    As to Trump, I’m not sure you’re right. Yes, he’s uncouth and has some idiot notions. But aren’t the other lot just as bad – if not worse? My expectation is that, whatever happens in the US “election,” the losers won’t accept defeat. If Trump wins, there will be major riots. If he loses, “red” states will start to activate plans for secession. Either way, the legal wrangling will go on for years. In my view, the USA is simply too big to be a viable political unit any more. As was the Soviet Union, as is the EU, and as the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” is rapidly becoming.

    In other news, my brass band is scheduled to have its first practice for seven months tomorrow night – in a “COVID-safe venue.” I don’t expect it to be much fun, although the conductor has promised that we will play both the pieces I have composed since March!

    1. I think I’ve picked up some gastric bug that’s sapping my energy! I’m sure it will pass. It’s the opposite of depression. Depression is when the bottom falls out of your world.
      I don’t think we’re near to herd immunity anywhere yet. A long way off I’d suggest. What happened to this prediction of yours? The death rate is rising like before and hospitals are filling. They have got a bit more medicine and experience but it doesn’t look good, neither does this long covid.
      As for Trump – it isn’t just that he’s uncouth – he’s corrupt in every sense. His environmental policies and policies on science are terrible. He actively encourages neo-nazis and division. He’s a disaster area.
      No, I do not think the Dems are just as bad. I think they would be a breath of fresh air after this rancid narcissistic self-aggrandising. Can’t wait for him to be gone. The world would be a far better place away from that ineptitude.
      Good luck with the brass band. That sounds great. I wish I could play an instrument.

  2. It’s hard to click like on doom and gloom, but there are no other options. I have been watching the second wave surging through so many places.
    Here, we are blessed to have very few active cases now at all and only a handful of deaths, Victoria is the worst. In SA we are even better off with only the odd active case popping up in quarantine from people returning from overseas. I guess that’s the advantage of living in a corner tucked away from the rest of the world. We did have hard restricitons for some months whcih are slowly being eased. I self isolated for about six weeks. But all of that is nothing compared to what is going on elsewhere.
    But the country is reeling from the financial shock which will continue for a very long time. Our young4est son lost his job right at the beginning and has not found a new one, He struggles as do many others hard hit. Government handouts help some.
    Stay safe and well, Opher.

    1. Hi Raili, good to hear from you. Glad that you are well. Yes it is tragic for so many to be losing their jobs. It seems that Australia and New Zealand are both doing a good job. Here in the UK it’s been dire. This government have been lamentable and still are. Even worse in the States. That fool has cost so many lives.
      But next year things will improve!!
      You stay safe Raili.

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