Poetry – We Are Of It

We are of it.

All part of it,

                In it,

                                Of it.

Not apart.

It lives in us.

We are all one.

                Not superior,

                                No order,

Not apart.

All part of the same,

                The whole,

                                The oneness.


All fired by

                The same,



Not apart.




Opher – 19.10.2020

All life on this planet started from the same magical beginning. Only once. We are all related. That protein/DNA construct we call life began and has propagated itself into a myriad of self-replicating forms. It has learnt to swim, to walk, to crawl and talk, to fly and wonder. It is aware. It is conscious. It can think.

It is not just us that is important, not just us that is aware. All of life shares these attributes.

Life is aware.

We are part of something spectacular and sacred, not apart from it.

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