The Corona Diaries – Day 207

Another nice day in Yorkshire! I went for a walk up my hill and saw a big red kite swooping low over the field – sending birds calling out warnings. A great sight.

Back home I’ve been playing some Donovan and writing my Harper book.

Out here in Coronaland I have a few questions I would like to put to the Prime Minister:

  1. Where have you been? Why aren’t you out there giving out advice, reassurance and updates? Why have you been so invisible?
  2. Why didn’t you implement the recommendations of the Cygnus Report on our readiness to fight a pandemic? And why is the report not published?
  3. Why have we got 43,000 deaths when Vietnam (a country one and a half times our number of population) has only 35 deaths? Why is Korea and New Zealand doing so much better than us?
  4. Why did you not take note of what was happening in China back in November? Or even Italy in February?
  5. Why did you continue to allow 2 million people to come into the country during the pandemic completely unrestricted – no checks, no follow-up?
  6. Why weren’t you prepared with sufficient PPE, ventilators and chemicals for testing?
  7. Why didn’t you lockdown earlier?
  8. Why have you been giving out contracts to unreliable people without tendering?
  9. Why is the Track and Trace system so incredibly ineffective?
  10. Why did you allow the NHS to become so run-down?
  11. Why did you introduce a hostile environment that drove away many excellent doctors and nurses?
  12. Why did you not join the EU schemes on procuring PPE and ventilators?
  13. Why do you keep calling things world-beating and oven-ready when they obviously aren’t?
  14. Why didn’t you use the existing services (GPs and Clinics) to run the test, track and trace, instead of using amateurs?
  15. Why didn’t you call a national emergency and form a cross-party group to respond to the pandemic?
  16. Why are you not involving local people?
  17. Why are you not communicating with people in the North?
  18. What has happened to this ‘wonder App’ that failed?
  19. Why did you not produce standard criteria for local lockdowns?
  20. What has happened to the wondrous Moonshot?
  21. What did New Zealand (25 deaths) and Vietnam (35 deaths) do that we didn’t UK (43,293 deaths)? Just today we had another 136 deaths (over twice as much as Vietnam and New Zealand have had during the whole crisis).
  22. Why have the UK (43,293 deaths), the USA (218,000 deaths) and Brazil (153,000 deaths) got the worst records in the world? Is it anything to do with having elected inept populist fools?
  23. Why don’t you look at what other countries are successfully doing and try copying them?
  24. With the number of Covid-19 cases rising, is the virus out of control?
  25. Is there going to be a rebellion against your unfair treatment of Northern cities?
  26. Do you think people understand what they are meant to be doing?
  27. Do you think anybody is taking any notice of you?
  28. How long is it until you are replaced?

I’m not holding my breath. I think they will wriggle, lie, spin, obfuscate and avoid taking the blame for anything.

Stay safe everyone. Tomorrow’s a new day. Trump is on his way out!! Johnson and Bolsonaro won’t be long.

The world is looking better!!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 207

  1. Well, that’s quite an interesting list of questions. I can answer a few.

    (3) and (21) are “because they closed their borders.” (16) they are trying to fix with the local lockdowns; we’ll have to see how that pans out. (19) was supposed to be done by a “joint biosecurity centre,” Don’t know how far that has got. As to (22), the UK is actually only 12th worst in the world in COVID deaths per million. San Marino, Peru, Belgium, Andorra, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, USA and Mexico – in that order – are ahead of it.

    I’ve published another of my COVID rants, this time about SAGE. It’s at I actually think the tiered lockdowns are a good idea in principle, but it is how they are implemented in practice that will be the rub. Oh, and my fourth paragraph lists a few things you might want to add to your list of questions.

    1. Really liked your rant and would have reblogged it but I can’t from your site.
      The countries that were successful were prepared. They shut borders quickly and tested tested tested. They were on top of it immediately and avoided lockdowns.
      As for us being worst in the world – give it a little longer – we’re getting there.

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