The Corona Diaries – Day 206

Son number 2 came over this morning to join me for a walk up my hill. We had a great walk and chat. Like me he’s a teacher. All a bit worrying in the classroom. He knows that the protection is scant. The new rules are largely cosmetic. If one of the kids brings Covid-19 in it will spread.

The school has its one-way, its bubbles, its facemasks in corridors, its hygiene – but as soon as the kids are out they are mingling as normal, on busses and not distancing. It’s a joke.

Back home I’ve been playing Buffy St Marie.

The long-term problem with my internet persists. The football wouldn’t play last night and the internet was on slow. I had an engineer in but he was booked for the wrong thing and left. That’s the sixth one and it’s still not fixed. This has been going on since March. I listen to these BT adverts and it’s a joke!

Meanwhile in Coronaland everything is going horribly wrong for Johnson.

the Covid-19 cases are going berserk – up to 19,724 new cases and hospitals are back stuffed with cases as the death toll lags behind but has jumped to 137.

His tiers are not adequate to control the disease – even his own scientists say it won’t work.

Labour is backing the scientists and calling for a circuit break of two-three weeks.

The Local Mayors in the North are revolting and saying they will not enforce the measures. They want a circuit break with compensation for those put out of work.

The unemployment numbers are beginning to go through the roof as the furlough scheme ends.

His backbenchers want him to completely open up the economy and go for herd immunity.

The WHO says that herd immunity is immoral and means mass deaths.

The Brexit talks (remember the oven-ready easiest deal ever) have stalled and it looks like we’re going to crash out with a huge hit to the economy, tariffs, red-tape, massive costs, lorry parks, price rises, exodus of businesses, job losses and economic carnage.

Trump is going down and so is the American deal.

The people are rebelling and refusing to comply.

His poll ratings are through the floor.

The long knives are out and Rishi Sunak is the new leader in waiting.

As soon as he delivers Brexit (and they can make their millions) they’ll slash him to bits and he knows it. He’s beginning to look like a scared and beaten man – all the bluster and bravado, the optimistic crap, cheerleading and balderdash has evaporated. He looks like the clown he is and has always been. A leader???? No way!! A lazy chancer!!

Johnson is done for!

Meanwhile, Trump continues to strut – looking more and more like Mussolini – throw taunts and fuel the divide, instead of dealing with the virus. The numbers are shooting up again – 59,751 new cases with over a thousand deaths yesterday. Horrendous – and still he holds rallies without distancing or masks. The man’s an arrogant fool!

In Brazil the virus is on the increase again – another 27,235 cases and 745 deaths.

We’re getting blasé aren’t we? We throw these numbers about. A thousand deaths a day. It doesn’t mean anything. In the twin Towers there were 2,977 deaths. That is a three-day total for Covid-19. That was enough to invade countries and go to war! Now it’s shrugged off.

I’m going back to writing my book – stay safe everyone!

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