Poetry -Wild as a Dandelion

Wild as a Dandelion

Free and wild,

Dancing in the wind,

With stars in our hair,

As carefree as a dandelion seed,



Flouting all the rules,

Brushing off convention.

Living in the moment.

Laughing at the sun

Society snared us.

Restricted our steps,

Tied us to its rhythm.

But in our heads

We remained

Floating on the breeze,

Swirling in the currents,

Vitally alive

And free.

On Summer days

On hillsides and in valleys,

We still challenge eternity

To do its worst,

And dance

To the rhythms

We created


As free as a dandelion seed.

Opher – 12.10.2020

Aaaah youth – a time with no commitments, no shackles, nothing that could not be thrown away or abandoned. The time before responsibilities applied the shackles.

What dreams w shared. What times we had.

Then reality kicked in and the shackles were applied.

Yet in our minds we remained free. Our thoughts and memories could not be confined.

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