The Corona Diaries – Day 197

It has been a nice day today! The sun was shining. My mate Bill came over for a socially distanced walk up my hill. It shows how much this isolation gets to you – I don’t think I stopped talking. He’s probably deaf now.

We had lunch in the garden and a natter.

Back at work on my Roy Harper book I’ve been playing some Django Reinhardt and boogying.

Out there in Coronaland our bunch of muppets continue to mess up. Having now allowed the virus to get well out of control – another 14,542 new cases and 76 deaths – they are compounding the issue with a pathetic track and trace system With 16,000 cases missed you would think that heads might roll – I suggest Johnson, Hancock and Harding for starters.

I’ve had one commentator on the blog saying what a good job these fools are doing. It seems that 42,000 deaths – a world-beating number – is no indication of incompetence.

Number of deaths:

UK – 42,445 (going on 67,000 really)

USA – 211,000

Brazil – 147,000

Vietnam – 35

Korea – 425

New Zealand – 25

Well it makes me embarrassed. As an island with a great health service and first world structure we find ourselves knocked into a cocked hat by China, Vietnam and Korea. Vietnam with all its poverty and overcrowding shut its massive borders and tested tested tested from the beginning – 35 dead and an unaffected economy. The UK – dithered, complacently watched – 42,445 deaths and a messed up economy. And this isn’t the government????

It is for me.

So what do the UK, USA and Brazil have in common??? Three populist clowns!!

We are paying the price for electing a clown.

Trump, fresh from his brush with death, pumped full of every possible cure known to man (immunoglobulins, antivirals, steroids and oxygen) is not dead.

He was gasping for breath having stepped up a few steps to his balcony for a bit of political theatre, but still claims that the virus is less lethal than flu.

I wonder if the average Americans, who won’t have access to a big team of doctors and all the expensive treatments, feel about that? I wonder what the tens of millions of Americans without any medical cover feel about it?

Over here education is in a mess. Kids in schools and universities are being put through a boring curriculum, delivered on whiteboards by frightened staff. They are trying to make up for lost time but 1500 schools have classes sent home and staff self-isolating. Kids are going to be in and out of school and the teaching is so limited it’s going to be crap.

It’s a nightmare for delivery. How can you deliver a syllabus with kids dropping in and out?

But the exams will go ahead – trimmed and later – but going ahead. We’ll see.

Fortunately, that is no longer my problem!

Take care everyone – stay safe!

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