The Corona Diaries – Day 196

It was another nice day in Yorkshire. I went for my walk up my hill and surveyed the curvature of our planet, the thin layer of the biosphere and looked up into infinity. I breathed! I am alive!

I still do not have Covid but then I am isolated (28 weeks of isolation). I do not meet with family and friends. It is a strange unreality. So how am I going to catch it?

Then again, I’ve just had a bit of a cold. Where did I catch that from?

This afternoon I went into Hull to the eye clinic. They peered at my red eye and examined it with various machines. They went and hustled in more people to marvel at the redness. None of them could find a reason for this inflammation. The verdict was that it was inflamed. I now have more eye-drops but fortunately no more ops or that smeary cream. I have to report back in two days!

I have to be careful approaching traffic lights. If I open my eye too wide cars brake to a stop!

Meanwhile in Coronaland we have yet another 6914 new cases. There were 76 deaths and hospital cases went up by 200 (doubled in Scotland.

So far 1500 schools have some pupils sent home to isolate! How many teacher deaths??

I’ve worked out what Johnson meant by a bumpy road ahead – he’s envisaging us driving over corpses!

There he was, talking to the Tories about the bright future – all sparkling and light, full of promise and magic – with loads of world-beating, over-ready wonders. I can’t wait. I believe him.

Trump makes a recovery from the virus – probably the result of all the cocktail of stuff his team of a hundred doctors treated him with! Personally, I think he’s some kind of automaton – an evil one at that.

What a good job he’s doing setting examples! So remember good people, if you get Covid you have to drive around in a car with lots of other people! All this staying at home in isolation is a commie plot!

Don’s on the job – just 42,223 new cases today with 426 deaths!! 426 more families losing someone they love!!

In Brazil there were 11,946 new cases and 322 deaths.

Stay safe everyone. The end is nigh!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 196

  1. I once surveyed the curvature of our planet – from the top of the Worcestershire Beacon. I even reported my (flawed) results on WriterBeat! (Remember that?)

    The figure I am seeing for today’s UK new COVID cases is 14,542; more than yesterday. I suspect you took your figure early. I wonder what distortions of the true figures they have in store for us? A bit like – what was his name, Syme? – in Orwell’s 1984?

    1. I do remember that Neil. There are times when you are up high you can get a feel of the smallness of this globe we are on and the thinness of the little blue band of atmosphere that we live in. Fills me with awe and wonder.
      Wow! That is quite an increase. They are putting the figures out later aren’t they! They will distort it it and blame somebody else – it’ll be the kids!!

  2. I caught a bit of the Johnson Tory conference and apart from having a good laugh, I am reassured to know that our leader is fitter than two butcher’s dogs.

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