Poetry – Don’t be afraid of Covid

Don’t be afraid of Covid

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t let it dominate your life.

Work for America

Even if it kills your wife.

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

You’ll get the same treatment for sure

Don’t wear a mask

Covid won’t knock on your door.

Make America great.

Means more money for me.

Off your ass and work

For me and your country.

There’s two hundred and ten thousand

Deaths on my head.

Don’t take it so seriously.

You’d be better off dead.

So don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t distance or wash your hands.

Get the economy running

All across the land.

Don’t be afraid of Covid.

Don’t let it dominate your life.

Work for America

Even if it kills your wife.

Opher – 5.10.2020

14 thoughts on “Poetry – Don’t be afraid of Covid

  1. Yo do do (reference to the extinct bird) Trump takes no salary as President. Unlike Obozo the clown who enriched himself with 10s of millions of dollars by the time he left the White House, Trumps fortune has grown smaller in his first term as President. You Goyim love slander. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    1. The bozo had to repeatedly by bailed out by his racist Dad. He’s been milking it for every cent he can get. The salary is peanuts compared to what he’s made.

      1. Noise, more empty general statements, details idiot. Ya want to refer to the father of the President as “racist” then ya going to need to bring evidence. Cause you merit no belief.

  2. What government grants? Slander – its the favorite tool of losers like yourself. From your quoted source: “Woody Guthrie’s tenancy in Fred Trump’s Beach Haven apartment complex coincided with a diagnosis of Huntington’s disease.”

    Yo idiot the article talks about the father of the President, during a period where America function as an Apartheid – separate but equal … NOT – society. Dude pull your head out of your ass.

    1. For Fuck’s Sake – read up about the Trump rise to wealth. It’s not hard to find. The man was an unscrupulous racist conman – like his son.

      1. According to you. But a old man making an accusation against another man who he does not personally know but intensely hates irregardless!!!! Ya suggest like father like son. Character assassination only exposes your corruption and evil.

      2. I judge someone by their actions. What they do reveals who they are. A man who supports Nazi groups and calls NeoNazi militia out on the streets, who passes legislation to remove environmental protection, who spreads lies, fake news and conspiracy theories, who removes science funding, denies global warming, denies the crisis in biodiversity, undermines science and experts, gives large tax cuts to the wealthy, actively creates division and hate, supports guns, taunts and bullies, behaves like a petulant child, stirs up fear about terrorism and immigration with lies, who says racists and misogynistic things, who is a philanderer, who betrays allies and supports enemies, who is rude, uncouth and arrogant, is not someone I would ever support. He’s a piece of shit.

  3. Bunk. Evidence NOT skewed declarations. Where did President Trump “support Nazi groups”? Exactly in what speech did President Trump call NeoNazi militia out on the streets? To pass legislation requires both Houses of Congress!!!!!! 4+years of Russia-Gate fake news hysteria and you have the stones to condemn the President for ‘fake news’?! LOSER.

    1. Did you not watch the debate Moshe???? He called on the ‘Proud Boys’ a NeoNazi white supremacist group to ‘stand to’. He openly asked a NeoNazi group of militia to oversee elections.
      I think you are blind. This is precisely the type of man who perpetrated the Holocaust. You’ve turned full circle and become he who you despise.

      1. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
        Nothing out of context. He said about the elections and asked a NeoNazi militia to ‘stand to’. It is not ambiguous.
        In the election against Clinton he openly asked Russia to hack Democrat computers to get the emails.
        You are supporting a Nazi.

      2. Reactionary. Context involves doing research on what President Trump has said on this subject over the last year. Shallow people like yourself can’t get past the moment when you judge people. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww how juvenile.

      3. Fool. He’s been doing the same thing throughout his Presidency and been criticised for it – supporting far-right groups and NeoNazis. None so blind………..

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