Veterans For Peace UK

Veterans For Peace UK

1 h  ยท BREAKING THE SILENCEThe two minutes’ silence on Armistice Day was first interrupted in 1920 by none other than 10,000 veterans, impoverished, starving & betrayed by a government & a capitalist system that erased their sacrifice for profit. They’d gathered in Victoria Street, parallel with Whitehall. When the new Cenotaph was unveiled they jeered.One eye witness remembered seeing, “at the first Remembrance Sunday, hundreds of old comrades held up their Army Discharge book as a salute of disgust at the slaughter of the thousands of young men in the mud of Flanders”And again “In November 1921 a vast demonstration of 25,000 unemployed soldiers marched on the Cenotaph to place a wreath inscribed: “From the living victims – the unemployed – to our dead comrades who died in vain.” The men wore pawn tickets instead of medals on their lapels.”

25 thoughts on “Veterans For Peace UK

  1. They didn’t die in vain, and today you recall, and the world that is now in need of a meaningful change and respect, has the memory of how these people were treated as a real time example of how the words that are spoken by leaders rarely live up to their promises, take notice too, that in olden times, we were warned by Jesus of those in positions of authority who often let us down when it comes to actions, perhaps the sacrifice of all those who died in the great war, are a reminder to all, of the horrors of war and the need for peaceful existence, which the words of the Holy Prophets tell us, and not the dogma’s of different ideologies that contradict each other, every day of the week, fine post.

    1. Thank you for that. I hope some lessons have been learnt but I doubt it. Our leaders make all number of promises that they have no intention of keeping.
      Those men fought a terrible war in order to bring about change and make things better. Those promises never materialised and once they were no longer needed they were discarded.

      1. More of your pie in the sky bull shit. Specifics dumb ass! How in what specific case does Israel qualify as “the most belligerent nation on the planet”? Idiot.

      2. By virtue of how it treats the Palestinians with bombing and bulldozing and threatens its neighbours – by the attitude you display to other people.

      3. Balestinians started highjacking air planes! As a boy the security at airports compared to the level of security at a bus station! Balestinians blow up buses full of school children. Balestinians blow themselves up killing Jews celebrating Passover. Yo idiot bulldozing the houses of terrorists – a British tactic developed during their mandate year!!!!!

        It so easy to refute a racist idiot like yourself, b/c you think with your dick, emotion based arguments – no specific facts.

      4. perhaps forgotten by politicians but not forgotten by those who care, since they are still remembered, they haven’t died in Spirit, we visit sacred places to remind ourselves of the therein, death is the start of the next journey, it’s never the end, enjoy your day, amen

      5. A very good point. I just find it sad that they did not receive justice or have the promises made to them fulfilled.

  2. War is built into the current political system, Opher. It was only a few years before the event you reference that Randolph Bourne told us – rightly – that “war is the health of the state.”

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