The Corona Diaries – Day 195

The world watches in wonder at the Trump sickness saga. How ill is he? What are they covering up? They’ve chucked the kitchen sink at him with every treatment they know from plasma antibodies, remdesivir, oxygen and steroids. And that’s all we know about! None of which has improved either his character or intellect.

You can bet the millions of Americans who haven’t got any health cover are watching with mixed feelings. The average American would not get a fraction of this treatment. Those at the bottom would receive sweet FA.

Meanwhile more staff at the Whitehouse go down with the disease making it a superspreader! Their stupid reckless behaviour is putting many people’s lives at risk.

The average American doesn’t seem to worry about there being one rule for one and another for the elite in power like we do in the UK. Fairness is not central to the American psyche.

In Germany the stupid right-wing are out protesting again in another Trumpian display of ignorance – asking for death!

Here it is the universities that are the superspreaders with hundreds of students going down with the disease.

The government makes a huge blunder with their centralised track and trace. They have not only underreported cases but utterly failed to follow up leaving thousands of people unaware that they may have the disease and free to spread it.

Idiots!!! The sooner the track and Trace becomes local and out of the hands of morons and idiots the better.

Today I had to take the car in but I still managed my walk up my hill and worked on my Roy Harper book.

My eye is still painful and I’m due a hospital visit tomorrow. We’ll see.

Until then – stay safe!!!

21 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 195

  1. Yes, it’s interesting how Trump’s illness has been reported. A couple of days ago I got the impression that the media on both sides were reporting what they wanted to hear, regardless of the truth (which, probably, none of them knew). Now, those that have made statements on his condition are having to walk some of them back. The media on both sides have been caught with their pants down!

    I see another 12.5K UK cases today at Worldometers. If the current trend goes on for another week or two, that will mean that the latest lockdowns have had no significant effect at all. Wonder if ‘ancock and co will make a policy of under-reporting the figures? (Just as, back in May, they reported tests from all sources, then tried to compare them with confirmed cases from the NHS only). Opher, you are over-kind with your diagnosis of them as “morons and idiots.”

    And good luck with your eye troubles. But a hospital is not the best place to be when there’s an epidemic around!

    1. I think you’re right Neil. I don’t believe anything about Trump. He might not be ill at all and just hoping to change the result of the election – pandering for the sympathy vote. He might be at death’s door and desperately trying to look strong. Verdicts out. Media are useless. Spin rules.
      I take your criticism – cretins!!!
      I know hospitals are not good news – but needs must. My eye is too sore.

      1. You and your belief systems. Who are U to declare I believe this or I believe that – bull shit egotism. The health of the President does not depend upon what your “religion” believes one way or the other.

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