Poetry – John Phillips – Remembrance

Another passionate poem from John Phillips straight out of Shorts and Shots.


Lest we forget, the politician said,

His suit of Savile Row, his poppy red

As blood, that bleeds a blood gorged century

Of wars and blatant inequality.

Lest we forget the promise and the lie;

A coming land for heroes was the cry

Which echoes vainly down the passing years

Of never ending conflict, toil and tears.

Lest we forget the myth of glories won.

Legends, by propaganda, darkly spun

To veil the truth, hide wars futility

Ignoring youth and human dignity.

Lest we forget the rank hypocrisy;

The falsehood which pretends Democracy,

Yet doffs its cap to peerage, wealth and fame,

To fuel and fire the politicians game.

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