The Corona Diaries – Day 192

It seems that there is such a thing as Karma after all! Trump goes down with the virus. Serves him right. Just like Johnson, he has behaved irresponsibly – not wearing masks, holding mass rallies and not social distancing. He deserves to get it; he’s been asking for it.

He’s also killed a lot of Americans with his poor examples. A lot of fools have been following his advice. They believe it’s a hoax and that masks and social distancing are unAmerican – idiots.

If he gets really ill or dies it will be a wake-up call.

The man is 74, unfit and obese. That’s not a good profile.

Maybe he believed his own stupid talk on hydroxychloroquine?? It doesn’t work!!

So get out the Bleach and UV – I’ll come and give you a hand! I don’t have much of a liking for people who go calling armed NeoNazi groups out onto the street!

Nearer home we have the SNP MP Margaret Ferrier behaving like a total plonker. Having symptoms and then a positive test and still travelling the length of the country in a train. Did she think she was Dominic Cummings?

So what are they going to do about next year’s GCSE’s and A Levels? It is quite apparent that there isn’t a hope in hell of kids completing the courses. They’ve already missed a big chunk. Then we have ‘bubbles’ being sent home to isolate. They’ll be kids off here and there all over the place.

They need to trust teachers. Do it on teacher assessment. Make the decision now. Take the pressure off the kids!

Today my eye has been sore but it did not stop me going up my hill! It was quite a pleasant day. Maybe the last for a while!

The Open Reach engineer did arrive (finally). Maybe the fault is sorted??? I’m skeptical!!

Take care!! Stay safe!!

10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 192

  1. I know it’s mean to say so, but considering the lives lost by reason of his cheap politics, I venture this: I think he deserved to get the virus. And I think you’re right in pointing out that karma exists. He thought he was immune to it, did he not? I still hope he gets well, but I think this should serve as a wake up call to him and his political honchos who have been spearheading the ‘mask not required’ campaign.

  2. There certainly may be an element of timing in this. Just enough time to get ill, get cured and be in everyone’s thoughts right before the election… At least, Trump can’t do what Johnson did – leave hospital on Easter Day, so inviting comparison with a certain historical figure.

    We’ll see what happens.

    1. Perhaps he’ll die on Christmas day Neil! I think he’s firstly going for the sympathy vote and, if he survives, will be crowing about how tough he is.

      1. Hey Opher, how’s it going?

        Hoax or not, Trump’s keeping the tabloids busy today! Other than reporting the immediate news, there is already discussion on the numerous ‘what if’ scenarios should Trump not fair well with Covid. It makes for interesting reading and adds to the theatre that is U.S politics.

        I think Trump will rush the U.S vaccine through final trials – make a mint selling it to states – and take a shot himself – perhaps on live T.V or Twitter video – a couple of weeks before the election. He’s not transferring power to Pence (yet): it’s Trump’s shit-show and Pence should be pleased, but there is always the possibility it could happen. As I type, Trump is being flown to Walter Reed hospital.

        I read somewhere that Trump arrived late for the event with Biden and as a result didn’t have time to take the C-19 test before going live on-air. It is quite possible he was infected then. Today the W.H says he has mild symptoms, but yet, normally infection has an incubation period of about 7 days before symptoms are presented? I think the administration are keen to trace Trump’s movements this past week or so. Prior to this test, I wonder when he was last tested?

        I didn’t know what photophobia was, and had to look it up. I think I’ve had that same thing, just once before. I wore a patch over one eye for a couple of days, but otherwise all was okay, and no lasting damage.

        Stay safe and well,


      2. the ultimate irony would be if the arrogant bullying Trump had infected Joe Biden while taunting him and Trump recovers and Biden dies. Could that be classified as murder or manslaughter??
        It sounds as if they are chucking everything at him – but who knows? It is certainly worse than they’re letting on.
        The man, through his ignorance and deviousness, has killed tens of thousands of Americans.

      3. Biden and his wife have tested negative, but several key personnel within Trump’s administration have tested positive. An event in the Rose Garden last weekend is thought to be central to the spread of C-19 in the W.H.

        No one I’ve spoken to has any sympathy for Trump. Most people readily admit the world would be a better place for having him gone. He’s had months and months to preside over a crisis like a president should, by drawing on huge federal resources and protecting the people – and economy – of the U.S. He has failed in his duty to serve, and has been brought to task over his incompetence and selfishness. Most ironic of all, four years ago – to the exact day he announced he had C-19 – Trump ridiculed Hilary Clinton succumbing to pneumonia. I guess what goes around comes around…Mother Nature hates a void.

        Rumour has it Trump detests hospitals. To get him to go to Walter Reed – an army hospital – suggests there is concern for his well-being, as does his treatment, which is said to include Remdesivir. We mentioned on here that Trump would make a good guinea-pig for new drugs, and low-and-behold, its happening.

        The world waits for news and updates on his progress, but personally speaking, life goes on and there are more important things to worry about than Trump.

        Enjoy the weekend,


      4. Cheers Dewin. I know it’s maybe wrong, but I can’t help wishing the guy would die. If he did it would be the best thing that could happen to America. It would remove the canker that has been eating it away. He has been a focus for conspiracy theories, fake news and undermining of science, experts and nature. Even if he loses he would still be there supporting Ne-Nazis and empowering them to become more evil.
        Best for him to die ignominiously.

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