The Corona Diaries – Day 188

The sun was shining today. That always makes you feel a bit better. What with Corona virus, Boris Johnson and Trump, with Brexit looming, I think I need a boost. My faith in humanity has been sorely tested!

My thigh strain is still nagging a bit so I limped around for a walk. My eye is playing up and I’ve got an appointment with the optometrist. Falling apart I guess.

So I went home, did some more work on the Harper book and played some Jack Elliott.

Out in Coronaland the circus continues with chief buffoon absent as usual.

We have students locked down in their rooms in halls of residence, we have 8000 pupils and 350 teachers all sent home from school isolating in Liverpool.

Completely unpredictable.

We have a third of the country in lockdown.

Completely unpredictable.

We have police having trouble breaking up large gatherings.

Completely unpredictable.

We have Trump and QAnon spreading hoax news and conspiracy.

Completely unpredictable.

We have a Track and Trace system that can’t even be tracked and traced.

Completely unpredictable.

We have Operation Moonshot, world-beating everything and over-ready everything else – all a bunch of off the cuff garbage and lies.

Completely unpredictable.

We are in the midst of a second wave.

Completely unpredictable.

We are being led by a bunch of extreme right-wing incompetent Tory, overprivileged twats.

Completely predictable!!!!!

Our new cases are soaring. Our death rate is going up. This is what you get when you put the loonies in charge!!!

5692 new cases and 17 deaths – Thanks Johnson.

In the USA – 3486 new cases and 267 deaths – meaning that Bolsonaro is moving ahead with 335 deaths!

The world is being run by a bunch of imbeciles!!! They can’t predict anything and haven’t a clue what to do about it.

Stay safe everyone.


22 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 188

  1. Nice one, Opher. You said “over-ready.” A Freudian slip between “oven-ready” and “over-cooked.”

    I plan to do another analysis of the COVID stats in a week or so. Should show which way the deaths per case are going.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been at my computer most of the day. Summarizing the Renaissance in about 1,000 words. Opher, you’re one of the very few people I know who wouldn’t think of that as idiocy. Tomorrow, the reformations, and make a start on the Enlightenment!

    1. I think you’re right – in a week or so we’ll get a better picture.
      Summarising the Renaissance in a thousand words is quite a task. I look forward to reading that! Why would anyone think that was an idiocy??
      Now the enlightenment – a massive leap!!

      1. Opher, the reason the establishment would call me an idiot, or worse, is that I’m not one of their anointed “philosophers.” So, my views are politically incorrect.

        I got through the reformations today (a bit under 700 words). But I didn’t get as far as the Enlightenment. I write very slowly; 160 words an hour is about my maximum speed, even in first draft. And first draft is only part way to the finished product.

  2. I think Boris and his government has been doing a brilliant job,especially when the opposition has been looking for anything to blame them with, which is totally disgusting and true dis-respect to the UK wide population.I think with those youngsters etc at University, it has stopped the house parties, private party’s, illegal clubbing etc, because in truth they were taking no notice of the rules,while looking for anything or anyone else to blame it on or pretending to be confused?Its also been saving police time and money, giving them time to see and deal with criminal problems etc.I think Maybe if so many weren’t listening to those opposition party stirrers, they’d get to see whats really going on, and how hard Boris and his government has been working, instead of the mis-leading RUBBISH AND STIRRING coming out of the opposition mouth?they try and copy everything democrats do and accuse Trump of doing, its ridiculous?

    1. Good to hear from you. So you think that having the worst death-rate from Covid-19 in the entire world is a good job? You think that completely ignoring the Cygnus report so that they went into this completely unprepared was wise? You think that having the worst hit economy in the entire G7 is doing a good job? You think that running down the NHS for ten years was good preparation? You think that driving out thousands of doctors and nurses was a wise move? You think that the App, PPE, and the Track and Trace system have all been run brilliantly? Do you think we might have had contingency plans in place for something we knew was coming? Do you think that we should have been watching what was happening in China, then Italy, and preparing?
      I think that you don’t get to become the worst in the whole world for nothing. The dithering, vacillating, lack of strategy and lack of preparedness is because they are a bunch of incompetents.
      World-beating???? Oven-ready???

      1. So one minute you’re blaming them for deaths and lock downs, and yet have the nerve to blame them on the economy,while the government is trying to balance them both!WOW WHAT AN IDIOT YOU ARE WITH YOUR CONTRADICTIONS.No of course deaths aren’t good but our population is older, kids and idiots are having illegal house parties,illegal gatherings, going to the beach,NOT wearing masks, even Labour MPs encouraging their constituents to take no notice,AND ON TV, because they’re that selfish and brain dead.Who’s to say that OTHER COUNTRIES ARE TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR DEATHS AND INFECTED?I suppose you totally believe places like China,Russia etc?Its not over yet, and fools like you are trying to match our prime minister up with Mr Trump,because your arguments are weak and exactly the same as the Biden campaign basically, funny that?

      2. The lockdown should have come sooner.
        Yes, it is important to keep the economy going. That is why they needed a clear strategy. They still haven’t got one. Allowing those under fifty to work and live normally while those at most risk isolated would have been good.
        So how do you explain places like Vietnam, Korea and New Zealand managing to control the virus while we do so dismally?

      3. I find It hilarious how you just believe all other countrys are telling the truth?Its not the Governments fault that we have an older population, idiots having parties, illegal house gatherings etc or that Labour MPs told their constituents to take no notice,EVEN ON TV! Or that idiots craved moaned and threaten to go on holiday because they couldn’t possible miss it?then you talk about PPE?BILLIONS THE GOVERNMENT HAS GOT,ALREADY GOING THROUGH EYE WATERING AMOUNTS?When all people had to do WAS FOLLOW THE ADVICE AND RULES.Then you talk about track and trace which went from 30k to over 180k to now over 400k,he has to set lines you know, set the bar EVERYONE ELSE IS TO SCARED TO DO.Why is it places like Australia is working, or New Zealand etc,YET SOME IN THIS COUNTRY COULDN’T?Because of idiots like you and certain parts of the media!My brother is disabled and has mental health issues AND YET HE WASN’T CONFUSED?all you lot seem to do is constantly look for faults, always looking and talking about the negatives?Its like how your arguments are similar to the democrats in USA with Trump,when Boris isn’t like Trump?what an idiot you are, while trying to make yourself sound intelligent or that you know what you’re talking about, when in reality you’re just spouting other peoples weak arguments!

      4. Try looking at countries that got on top of it earlier – like New Zealand, Germany, China, Vietnam and Korea. They were able to get back to normal. Try looking at examples being given by out pathetic MPs and their advisors – stupid Johnson going around a hospital with corona victims shaking hands. Stupid Cummings flouting the rules. Johnson’s father flouting the rules – and no punishments!!

      5. There’s only 2 countries you can truly trust on your list, and 1 of them has a very small population so probably wouldn’t be too difficult?Yeah I think you’ve got a problem you have chap, you should go see someone?It wouldn’t matter if they gave out vaccines and gold bars to everyone, you’d still twist things and come up with any rubbish!

      6. I’ll give you a full list of all the countries that have done better than us – here you go – the whole rest of the world. We’re the worst!
        I could go through and give you a comprehensive list of the ones that have done brilliantly – apart from Korea (51 million) and Vietnam (97 million) there is New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Senegal, Iceland, Saudi Arabia.
        I think you should start looking at the facts and not some rosy-eyed ideology. This government is pathetic. Wake up.

  3. Its a Joke the way ITV and idiots like Mr Morganon GMB have constantly confuse people and on purpose I think?while they purposely look for anything, or even single out anyone with an opposite view and opinion, and all because the government won’t go on their crappy show.GOOD DON’T GO ON THERE,MOST OF US CAN SEE WHAT THEM IDIOTS ARE DOING ON ITV,THEY’RE PATHETIC!

    1. They won’t go on because they are doing so badly that they’ll get ripped to pieces. The job of the media and opposition is to challenge the government and expose their failings – not hard to do with these Eton Bullingdon boys – arrogant and inept.

      1. What a load of RUBBISH!!The media have done nothing but lie,exaggerate and encourage problems, but idiots like you won’t see no different with the stupid stupid glasses you have on obviously?Its hilarious how know it alls like you have plenty to say NOW and during yet keep very quiet at the start, and seem to think you can see the future,with a virus now one else has been able to beat or really control?Its always the same with fools like you,YOU ARGUE THE SAME OLD ARGUMENTS FROM YEARS BACK,but I suppose you’re perfect of course, and have never ask for a second chance in life? (the only one)

      2. I think you should read the Cygnus report before you spout off. That spelt out in detail the preparation necessary to fight a pandemic. It predicted a pandemic and it was run by the Tory government – who then ignored it. All they had in their tiny overprivileged heads was Brexit.
        In November the pandemic started up and they ignored it. When Italy was devastated by it they still ignored it.
        A catalogue of incompetence resulting in the worst record in the WORLD!!!!

      3. I see you’ve Been watching too many films have we, says everything?How have they been arrogant, when time and time again they’ve listened, stopped, and changed direction when it’s a valid argument or reason?Which is then made out to be flip flopping?The government isn’t failing at all, and instead of concentrating on the 42k deaths,which could of been other deaths added aswell, and not just covid deaths, so maybe you should think of what could of been aswell?The amount of deaths and the collapse of the NHS is nothing compared to what could of been if they had waited longer, while trying to not crash the economy so they can keep paying for everything else?MUPPET!

      4. What bollocks. They dithered, changed course and panicked. They started off complacently on a ‘herd immunity’ course. Then found they were looking at 600,000 deaths and an NHS overwhelmed, panicked and changed course.
        They had five months to prepare and completely blew it. They opted out of European schemes out of ideology, were totally unclear what they were doing, locked down too late and deliberately moved covid patients back into care homes setting up major death scenarios.
        They did not have stockpiles of PPE or chemicals for testing and were not in the EU schemes (ideology). Same with respirators. The NHS (like all public services) has been brought to its knees and then expected to work miracles. The hostile environment has driven away tens of thousands of doctors and nurses who were desperately needed.
        It meant front-line workers were not protected, facilities were poor, best practice on how to treat the disease had not been researched, there was insufficient testing to control the disease at the beginning, 2 million people came into the country unchecked and untested, they have tried centralised Apps (failed), PPE orders (all crap – had to be returned) and centralised testing (a joke and too late).
        The disease is now far too widespread for testing to adequately control. That is what was needed at the beginning as the WHO was shouting.
        The result of their complacency, stupidity and ineptitude is 44,000 deaths (in reality 67,000 – but they changed it).
        World-beating tories – at deaths and mismanagement.
        I ran a school. I know what contingency planning is. We have contingencies drawn up for all eventualities. That is the prime function of a government.
        Read the Cygnus report (the Tories instigated it and then ignored it). It spells out what they should have done.

      5. It wouldn’t matter what was said because when the government is listening and changing direction ,you say they’re dithering and panicking?then if the government sticks to their guns and doesn’t do anything,YOU’D SAY ,THEY DON’T LISTEN AND THEN YOU’D MAKE OUT OUT FREEDOMS BEING TAKEN??????EVERYONE has been warned over and over and over for months now,so theres no excuses.Its hilarious how you’d be so F..king perfect on a virus, NO ONE KNEW ABOUT, OR KNOWS MUCH ABOUT YET now but still learning every day.THE UK WAS TOLD BY THE W.H.O THAT THE UK WAS SCARE MONGERING, AND CREATING PANICK, FOR NO REASON AT THE F..KING START, SO DON’T PREACH YOUR W.H.O CRAP AT ME,MUPPET.

      6. I have never complained about freedoms being taken. I want firm action. Clear action. Quick action. I want clear direction. I want to be told the facts. I want them involving local people. I want them learning from other countries. I do not want complacency. I do not want arrogance. I do not want cheerleading and stupid guff about moonshots and world-beating. I do not want token idiocy like the 10.00 pm curfew.
        They had plenty of time. They had their Cygnus Report. They did not act on it. They did not pay attention to what was happening in China. They did not even pay attention to what was happening in Italy. They were complacent, ideological, slow and stupid. They should be looking at Vietnam and what they did. They should have been on the ball. They weren’t and aren’t and we have 44,000 deaths because of it (compared to Vietnam’s 35)
        The WHO did not say that. You are misinformed or lying. They said TEST TEST TEST. They declared a world-wide pandemic.
        Of course we knew about it!! Idiot!! We were told to prepare for a pandemic. We knew one was coming. We have had plenty to practise on – Swine Flu, Avian flu, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, SARS, MERS. That’s why the Tory government organised a report on a response – the Cygnus Report in 2017. Then failed to act on it!!
        The problem is that you do not know what you are talking about. You show your ignorance.
        You don’t get to be worst in the whole world for nothing!!

      7. Yeah you’re the man,you’d of sorted it straight away????its hilarious how you expect Boris and this government to be 100% prefect, and on a fast moving virus that changes all the time, and then it still wouldn’t be good enough! If the message isn’t confusing, its the message didn’t get to everybody properly,or now its evidence the whole time, on a virus thats only now collecting data, its always something,or like some MPs it money money, and resources the whole time

      8. Try reading my Corona Diary – Day 200.
        It outlines what should have been done by any responsible government. But we haven’t got a responsible government. We’ve got a bunch of extremist Brexiteers, haven’t we? They purged all the sensible ones and put a clown in charge.
        I’m a scientist. I know a lot about viruses and pandemics but not as much as the experts. They’ve been shouting about it for decades. the virus hasn’t changed. Managing a pandemic hasn’t changed. I expect the first priority of any government to protect the people. This shower have been pathetic. That is why we are the worst in the world – even worse than Trump and Bolsonaro – and that’s difficult.

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