The Corona Diaries – Day 183

Autumn has come in with a vengeance. A big drop in temperature and an end to sunshine. Fortunately, I did my customary walk early before the rain set in and just came home a little damp.

Now I am at home working on my Harper book and playing Roy Harper interspersed with William Burroughs – seems appropriate – Roy was a beatnik.

I’m waiting for the BT engineer to turn up to correct my oscillating internet! He’s not showed up yet!

Outside in Coronaland the world is still topsy turvy and becoming more divided by the minute.

There are those who want everything back to normal and think it’s all exaggerated. Some even think it’s a hoax. It’s amazing how a stupid leader like Trump can poison minds. People are so gullible.

Others believe that it is a frightening disease on a par with the black death and we should completely lockdown until it’s gone.

I guess it’s somewhere in the middle. For a large number of people, it is fatal. For another group of people, it might prove permanently debilitating. For most, it is mild or merely like bad flu.

I suppose your viewpoint is coloured by which category you are in.

Johnson, as usual, makes a balls-up of it all. His bunch of libertarian extremists, who do not give a shit about anyone other than themselves, want the country opening up regardless of how many deaths that entails. He looks like a poor bunny with limp ears after being hounded by his own goons. Talk about a spent force!!

The measures he has come up with, trying to please everyone, fall short of pleasing anybody – and completely hopeless at controlling the virus. Of course, they will try to look for scapegoats – it will be the thoughtless public who are responsible.

Julian Metcalfe of Pret a Manger summed it up by claiming he was just spouting Churchillian nonsense.

What we need is some radical thinking and leadership. Eating and drinking outside, organising outside entertainment. The virus does not seem to transmit outside. It could have been done. It could have been encouraged. Much harder now that summer has gone – but not impossible.

I haven’t heard an apology for all that driving people back to work in the offices. What a stupid mistake.

It’s a balancing act – if we open up schools, universities and pubs there is going to be an increase in virus activity. That is obvious. It is how we do it more safely that requires explaining.

We either furlough the hospitality and entertainment industry and put money into it, or we see it go under.

We are presently careering upwards with 4,925 new cases. Unless that is stopped we’ll be in dire straits with Mark Knoppler. The hospital cases are going up rapidly and we certainly do not want a repeat of the extreme stress we were seeing in the first wave. The death-rate lags behind but is also ominously rising – 37 yesterday.

Are we going to dump more covid cases in the care homes and bump off our old folk again? Who knows? They are stupid and callous enough.

In the States Trump is looking at another 48,206 cases as the Yanks pass 200,000 deaths with predictions of 400,000 by next Spring. Some hoax.

200,000 is the equivalent of 67 consecutive 9/11s.  That is a horrendous death toll. And the American people were terrified about terrorism! They started a few wars for a 67th of this number!

In Brazil, Bolsonaro is in the hospital with kidney stones, while Brazil has another soaring 33,536 cases and 836 deaths.

What a bunch of dangerous prats.

Anyway, keep yourselves safe, I’m going back to my writing. All the best.

11 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 183

  1. It’s cold here today as well Opher, not a drop of unimpeded sunshine all day. My beanie is already out of the wardrobe as too winter woolies, scarf, gloves and coat. Summer lasted for as long as it could and for that we must be grateful: I’d like to hope most of us were able to get a healthy dose of Vit D and strengthen our immune systems.

    Rumour has it a new Contact Tracing App should be available this week, although little mention has been made of it, presumably because BoJo doesn’t want to set himself up for ridicule at yet another miserable world-beating failure, or that his trophy cabinet awarded for incompetence is already full.

    Trump has said 200,000 US deaths from coronavirus on his watch were “a shame” and went on to indirectly praise the administrations effective response, without which numbers would be in the million+ range. The man has no soul. As the U.S heads into cooler months, there are also emerging reports of PPE shortages among health authorities, and confusion surrounding the (main) transmission route of C-19: whether it is driven by small or large aerosol droplets, which in turn dictates more specifically the measures required for mitigating the spread of Covid. Either way, mask-wearing by the public should be wide-spread and enforced.

    Off-topic, charges against a police officer involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting have just been announced. Brett Hankinson faces three felony counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. I do not think such charges will appease the public, but I hope any protests that continue in Louisville will remain peaceful and purposeful.

    Enjoy Day 184, stay safe,


    1. It must be that people have been telling him that all this world-beating guff is going down like a lead balloon. It’s making all of them look like incompetent twats. They are muzzling him. We’ll see what this App turns out like. If they put Dido Harding in charge I don’t hold a lot of hope.
      As for Trump – he is unbelievable – yet so many poor fools believe him. 200,000 dead and counting. What an indictment. The USA will end up worst in the whole world – and it is the richest country on the planet.
      The trouble is that any violence in protests (whether caused by right-wing agitators or not) plays straight into Trump’s hands.

      1. They are competently incompetent, pirates one and all, twats to the last, and led by a hapless clown.

        BoJo always refers to Test and Trace as NHS Test and Trace, but in reality it is largely run (badly) by Serco, who’ve been paid a fortune for their third-rate delivery. The U.K government has lost the people’s trust, as such, I’d be surprised if the new App is widely downloaded.

        I can see the U.S election ultimately being decided in the Supreme Court: perhaps that is why Trump is hell-bent on putting a 9th Judge – a Republican – in place prior to November’s election. It is an act of desperation, an admittance that he knows the end is nigh and that he’ll lose the White House. His response to C-19 has been and remains deplorable. The number of cases keeps growing, sadly so too the numbers of people dying. If the Democrats win, I hope they throw the book at him.

        Reports are already circulating of armed right-wing militia members on the streets of Louisville. Those protesting must hold their nerve and not retaliate. You are right, there would be much to lose should turmoil ensue.

        Catch ya tomorrow,


      2. Serco are useless. How they got the contract with their track record smacks of corruption.
        America is melting down. The damage that Trump has done is enormous. He has unleashed and empowered ever racist, religious nutjob and imbecile in the country. Another 4 years and they’ll be completely fascist!
        I reckon it could go to the supreme court!

  2. Opher, Johnson is no libertarian. He talks of “a freedom-loving people” and then orders (by decree) the most draconian set of “laws” in the UK since – at least – the second world war. You know that yourself, as you showed with your poem about masks. I think you’re wrong to call Johnson a populist. He’s a tyrant. And so are just about all the MPs that are supposed to “represent” us.

    It’s cold down here too. (Roll on, “global warming!”) But I had a most interesting experience today. I drove to a spot out in the country, to do more of my philosophical work. I happened to park my car under a tree. As the wind freshened before the rain, fruits started to fall – about an inch long, and half that wide. In three or four minutes, hundreds of these things came down. And every one of them made a loud noise when it hit the roof or the glass. Like a slow-motion hailstorm. Never seen that before.

    1. How weird Neil. What were the fruits??
      I’m still having big probs with my internet it keeps dropping out.
      All these goons have in their head is Brexit. They are so incompetent.

  3. Julian Metcalfe should sweep in front if his own door first. There are countless complaints that Pretis overcrowded, little social distancing in shops, staff wear masks under the chin etc. Metcalfe if itsu & Pano Christou of Pret under private equity sit safe in their villas while they drive their sheep to the slaughter, incl customers. But customers have a better choice than low-wage workers.

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