The Corona Diaries – Day 181

Today was the first day I haven’t been for a long walk. We had a BT engineer in to fix our slow internet (who seems to have made it much worse – we have another one coming in two days time – nightmare). We had a ton of gravel arrive which needed moving. Ironically, despite working all afternoon moving gravel, my fitbit says I’ve only done 12 minutes exercise! How frustrating!!!

I was having a discussion with our neighbours about the ineptitude of government. Surprisingly they are all in agreement – it’s been lamentable.

The one this we all agreed on is that they keep wasting money and resources trying to recreate the wheel.

We already have systems in place that can Track and Trace very effectively – they are called the doctors’ surgeries. If they had used local resources and extra funding for that instead of creating a whole new system, using amateurs, that doesn’t work. It would have been effective and cheaper!!

The same goes for the vaccinations when they happen.

The same goes for the app.

Why don’t they use existing systems and put some extra funding in? Nuts!!!

Across the UK the virus is on the increase and government is, once again, dithering. Probably Johnson is wondering what Trump would do.

What a mess. I predict we’re in for a lousy winter!

In the UK we’re around the 4000 new cases and 18 deaths. I reckon we’re in for a dire few months!

In the USA there’s another 34,586 new cases and 213 deaths

In Brazil it’s 16,386 new cases  and 363 deaths.

Stay safe everyone!


11 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 181

  1. Sounds like a busy afternoon Opher, I hope you put your back into it. What’s the gravel for?

    Did you watch Vallence and Whitty’s televised address yesterday?

    BoJo is to set out limited nationwide restrictions later-on today. I’ve friends twitching already, wondering if they should start stockpiling loo-roll.


    1. I had to regravel the drive. It seems that gravel disobeys the laws of the universe and evaporates – or, like subatomic particles, simply disappears.
      No I missed their explanations. Were they good? Where is Johnson?
      I’ve been stockpiling gravel!

      1. Ah, I wondered if you might be graveling the driveway, or perhaps redoing garden paths. ‘Tis true, gravel has mystifying ways and can surely be added to the list of other objects defying (known) physics!

        Regards the televised address by V and W, try this link, it notes key points. A sense of foreboding prevails. (1)

        Where’s BoJo? He only works part-time, and then only when it suits him. He pitched up in the House today to detail the limited, limited extent of national restrictions. Personally, I don’t think he’s gone far enough: for example, early doors at pubs (10pm) is hardly a meaningful restriction; and another u-turn on government’s drive to get workers back into the office…if you can work from home, do so. No mention of Track and Trace. Up north, Sturgeon is imposing tougher measures in an attempt to avoid a full-lock-down, including restrictions forbidding visiting other households.

        To add insult to injury, Operation Moonshot, there are whispers circulating suggesting that getting a test will cost the individual. Not only do the Tories want to spaff £100 billion of tax-payer’s money up the wall, the shysters also want their corporate friends to profit further by charging us for being tested. ‘Tis time for cross-party scrutiny of the governments emergency powers, and a public inquiry.

        What did you think of Starmer’s speech at the Labour Party conference?


        (1) –—key-points/

      2. Yes, Whitty painted a gloomy picture. I think he thinks that it’s going to be really bad. It probably is.
        As for Johnson – a lazy bastard totally out of his depth.
        The Tories are hopelessly split – half of them don’t mind if all the hoi-polloi get bumped off by the virus. With A/I they don’t need the workforce. We’re surplus to requirements. Just as long as the economy works.
        The invisible, lazy Johnson will get dumped as soon as Brexit is done. He’s been shown up for what he is.
        I can’t say Starmer was inspiring. Hopefully, he comes over as calm and confident. That might be all that’s needed. He’s trying to walk the line! He’s keeping his head down and trying not to split his party.
        As for this guff about patriotism – it’s just aimed at the daft Brexiteers.

  2. Opher, I’m not surprised your neighbours agree about the ineptitude of the bunch of prats and wallies that think they’re a government. I don’t know of even one person who is satisfied with their handling of the virus. Or of anything else, for that matter.

    And if Johnson the buffoon listens to the wrong advisors, and actually goes through with the re-lockdown and the £10,000 fines as threatened, I think the likely effect will be social meltdown. The only precedents I can think of are the Winter of Discontent in 1978, and the poll tax protests that eventually toppled Thatcher. But this could well end up being worse than either, because many people are already uncomfortably close to breaking point. This truly is the political class against the people; and we all know it.

    You make an interesting point on doctors’ surgeries. I think the argument against that, at least in the early stages of the epidemic, would have been that they would become centres of infection. (Like hospitals – ha). It occurred to me that all this must be very frustrating for the GPs themselves; they can’t do their jobs, because the patients aren’t coming to them.

    Anyway, I spent yesterday sitting in a park in the sunshine, doing some reading and note-making for my next philosophical essay. They say today will be the last nice day of the summer, so I’ll probably drive up on to the Downs, and mix walking and reading up there.

    1. Neil – I still haven’t found time to read your Covid essay. I want some time to concentrate and there has been so much going on. My internet is all over the place. I’ve had two engineers out so far and another coming tomorrow.
      We’re off to the moors today to get our last taste of summer. We’ll have a ramble around and soak up the rays. Shame we can’t store sunshine.
      I think that once these furloughs come to an end, winter arrives and there’s a fresh lockdown there is going to be a lot of social unrest.
      I’m not looking forward to it – but it might mean the end for these incompetent twats who ‘aren’t’ leading us.

      1. Today, I did indeed go to the South Downs. It was very pleasant, if rather hazy, and becoming increasingly windy. The wind was sufficient that doing my “work” perched on a stone by the side of the path wasn’t an option – the papers would all blow away! So, I had to do the work sitting in the back seat of the car (a really nice workspace), with a 30-minute walk every time I got to a major breakpoint.

        Yes, there’s social unrest coming. And this one isn’t a left-versus-right thing. I wrote to my MP yesterday, telling him there would probably be “social meltdown” if Johnson went ahead with his plans. And now I read the Telegraph’s account of what he said in the parliament, they’re even worse than I feared. I think this is the end of the Tory party. You will cheer, of course. But for me, it’s only a first step. We need to get rid of the whole damned lot of them! And make them pay us compensation for all their crimes against us.

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