The Corona Diaries – Day 178

Today was another sunny day in Yorkshire. I went for an early walk up my favourite hill. I find a two-hour walk allows my mind time to think.

Today I thought about capitalism, democracy, the destruction of the environment, right-wing propaganda, Trump, Coronavirus, poetry, the Israeli/Palestinian situation and my Roy Harper book.

I came back feeling a bit refreshed!

Before setting to work I had to move furniture and lay some new rugs. Then I played Roy Harper’s first album, answered some emails and started work!

These days in Coronaland are strange.

Dewin sent me an article from the Guardian pointing out how the government has been caught out lying again. They knew all along that kids passed the virus on as good as any adult but they wanted to open schools – so they lied. I wonder how many school workers will die or become severely ill?? A price worth paying?? Maybe.

I just wish they would be honest. We have become so used to Johnson lying that we accept it. He’s like Trump. People accept that they live by other rules.

The virus is now at a higher level than when we went into lockdown. The increase is all over the country. Their policy of stamping out local outbreaks has failed. The government is dithering and panicking again. They are considering taking nation-wide measures.

So what went wrong this time? Another easy one.

The Dominic Cumming episode meant that the public no longer did what they were told. One rule for us another for them.

All semblance of order disappeared and we started seeing people congregating and flouting the rules.

Secondly, Dido Harding failed. Track and Trace wasn’t good enough. With the virus spreading asymptomatically we needed a robust system. We did not get one. It is quite laughable when she says that nobody saw the need for increased testing once people were sent back to work, public transport became packed, schools and universities went back and people were intermingling like before. Really?? Wasn’t it her job to plan ahead?

Thirdly, we didn’t get an app.

They are bunging old people back into the Care Homes again! A bit like Daniel being thrown to the lions. But they are kindly giving PPE to the Care Homes. So the Care Workers will be able to care for the dying a bit easier. It seems that not enough pensioners were killed with the first wave. We’ve got to pay for the Corvid crisis somehow.

On a positive front, it appears that there is a new test out that works on saliva and produces results in 90 minutes – but may not be suitable for mass testing. Is this what Johnson is pinning his hopes on for his Moonshot??

Our cases have soared up to 4322 yesterday with 27 new deaths and hospital critical care up by half. Quite scary. Much higher than when we went into lockdown. Lessons learnt??

In the USA it has jumped up to 42,592 with another 849 deaths.

In Brazil it was 36,303 new cases and 829 deaths.

So today’s winner of ineptitude goes to Trump and the USA!! Raa Raa!!

On that sad note, I leave you. Stay safe! I’m getting back to work.

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 178

  1. Opher, don’t you understand that political governments have to lie? Because if people knew the truth, they would reject them and all their policies. And it isn’t just confined to the tories. Remember Harold Wilson: “It does not mean that the pound… in your pocket… has been devalued.” They’re all the same.

    And we’ll see inside a week or so whether re-opening the schools is causing a real problem or not. Look at deaths versus cases offset by a lag (I chose 14 days in my article), and you can work it out.

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