The Corona Diaries – Day 177

Carping Diem – according to Rees-Mogg the privileged toff says we should stop whinging and instead recognise what a brilliant job the government is doing!

I think I’ll reserve the right to praise them when they get something right. Having the worst death-rate in the world coupled with the worst hit to the economy of any G7 country is not, in my opinion, something worthy of praise.

Paying billions for substandard PPE. Organising an app that doesn’t work. Having a Track and Trace system that is more Trace where to Test. Lying about Brexit. Reneging on agreements. Breaking international law. Being behind the curve. Dithering around. Being totally unclear.

Sorry – can’t see anything praiseworthy about this performance – go back to lolling on the benches Rees-Mogg – daydreaming about what you are going to spend your millions of Brexit dividend on – more servants maybe?

It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t constantly told that everything is world-beating and oven-ready when it clearly is a million miles from that.

It isn’t carping: it’s calling out incompetence that is costing lives!!

Looking at this graph from the BBC. Even with Trump’s utter incompetence, we are worse!!! That takes some doing!!

Baroness Dido Harding messed up and was promoted!! That’s how it works in the world of Johnson!

Opening up schools without adequate testing for staff and students is an accident waiting to happen!!

Today we are up again – 3395 new cases. It is now spreading to older people. Hospital entry has doubled and deaths are following behind.

Perhaps driving people back to offices (just so they could buy snacks) and putting people back on transport was not a good idea, eh?

All over by Christmas Johnson??? We’ll see!

In the USA – 39095 new cases and 997 deaths

In Brazil – 36820 new cases and 987 deaths

They are tied neck and neck on the ineptitude scale – both looking to catch Johnson!

Today was a gloriously sunny day in Yorkshire. To get away from the sadness and badness of our politics we went for a walk in a nature reserve – Tophill Low. A fabulous place. We saw lots of insects and wildlife. So good to see. Nature might be stuck in the tiny oasis but at least there is still some. It used to be like this everywhere when I was young!

I took a lot of photos – I’ll put them up tomorrow!

So all the best everybody. Stay safe!!


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