Today’s Music to keep me SaaaNNNeeeEEE in Isolation – Kirsty MacColl

Kirsty was the daughter of Ewan MacColl. She came out of the New Wave scene. She brought a touch of humour to her songs. She was a very genuine person. She was tragically killed in a motorboat accident in 2000.

Today I play some Kirsty to cheer me up.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Music to keep me SaaaNNNeeeEEE in Isolation – Kirsty MacColl

      1. I’ve wanting to ask you on another matter: Roy H’s song, Too Many Movies. It feels in production and sound like an out-take from something; a film? I don’t know. Anything enlighteners on this?

      2. Depends on which version you are listening to. The original version was recorded for Commercial Breaks. It was properly recorded but the whole album was rejected and caused a big bust-up with EMI. Not one of my favourite albums. I prefer the BBC 1 In Concert version from 1974. It came out on the BBC Tapes and was bootlegged on the album Heavy Crazy (which I love).
        The track was about Nancy – his girlfriend who he had just split up with. He tried to put as many film references into the song as he could.

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