The Corona Diaries – Day 169

Here we are 169 days into lockdown and isolation and we are actually going backwards! The numbers are rising and heading for a second wave and Test and Trace is a farce sending people to the other side of the moon to get tested. We have schools back and already closing. We have pubs and restaurants opening and closing like a pair of scissors in a dress-making factory. We have soundbites and dithering and an invisible Johnson – though that’s probably for the best and why they are keeping in out of the limelight.

What we need are facts and leadership! We want a leader who will stand up every day and tell what is happening and what we should be doing and why!

Why aren’t we getting that?

It’s obvious why – Johnson’s blustering is so incoherent he’s a liability. He doesn’t understand and can’t lead. He is unclear in his speech and can’t talk properly.

Nobody knows what the hell is going on, what the rules are or what they are meant to be doing. A lot of the younger people think it’s all over or that it doesn’t affect them. As soon as Cummings and Johnson’s father flouted the rules they think anything goes. Many people now believe that the virus is no longer lethal. Trump’s hoax garbage is being taken up over here. There is talk of herd immunity!

The problem we have is the delay between the new cases and the hospitalisation and death. There is a two to three-week gap!

The Russians seem to have an effective vaccine. Will we use it?? We’d rather die!

The problem is that Johnson chucked all the semi-sane Tories out in a big pure – people like Rory Stewart,  Kenneth Clarke and Philip Hammond were unceremoniously dumped. What we have left are a bunch of mad Brexiteers. They are incompetent and rabid. All that is in their heads is Brexit at any cost.

I just arrived home from a walk with friends to find the invisible man Johnson has been reading my blog and surfaced! The government is looking at the figures – another 2659 cases today – 30 more deaths. – and saw that we were heading for another bout of mayhem.

At last, we have a bit of clarity and some universal law that people can understand – no gathering in groups above six in number, socially distance, wash your hands and take care.

I want this sort of consistent message every day! I want explanation and reasons. I want to know the outcome if we don’t. It’s only taken 169 days to get to this! Billy Bunter has finally started doing what he should be doing every single day!! Is that it? Will he disappear tomorrow??

He talks of mass testing and getting back to normal by Christmas. Bloody Hell!! We can’t even do the testing we’re meant to be doing now! What chance have we got???

I had a nice walk. I enjoyed playing my Bruce Springsteen. It’s time for tea!! All the best. Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 169

  1. BoJo isn’t running the country Opher, he’s ruining it: the U.K’s turned rogue!

    Celebrating Christmas whilst under draconian C-19 rules such as lock-down would be rather cheerless. We have to flatten the impending second wave quickly. Each of us has a part to play in making that happen.

    Mass Testing – Operation Moonshot – sounds like such a grand plan, but I fear another government failure in the making.

    Enjoy day 170. Stay safe,


    1. Johnson’s merely the tool of Cummings who is busy ruining the country. The Tories are so arrogant they believe they are above all laws. It’s the plebs who have to follow the laws.

      I reckon the next month will be a make or break on Covid. We’ll see how the land lies then. Christmas is a long way off (I haven’t even dusted off my fairy lights!).

      How many times have we heard these grand statements – world-beating, apps, PPE, vaccines, – they can’t even deliver the modest Track and Trace we have now. How the hell are they going to cope with mass testing – Operation Moonshot using a Guy Fawkes day rocket.

      1. Until such time that a certified on-the-spot C-19 test materialises, Operation Moonshot remains a fantasy. More unicorn thinking from a world-beating incompetent government.

        I think you are right, by early October the extent of any second wave will become apparent. It ain’t going to be pretty.

        As C-19 case-numbers continue to rise, I fail to understand why the U.K government are seeking to drive workers back into city centres.

        On the other side of the pond, Trump admits to deliberately playing down the threat of C-19 and praises himself on a job well done: the U.S has one of the highest fatality rates per 100,000 population!

        Lunatics have taken over the asylum.

        Interesting article in the Guardian on Superbugs – antimicrobial resistance (AMR) bacteria – in the Pacific region (1). If we think C-19 is bad – 900,000 deaths worldwide and rising – nature has far worse waiting in the wings.

        The U.K government wants a no-deal Brexit, and the country will be well and truly screwed as a result. Should Trump lose the election in November, the U.K will find few friends in the White House, and fewer others on the global stage. Plain to see is that the U.K government’s word is no longer its bond, it’s reputation is trashed.

        Catch ya later!


        (1) –

      2. This mob of reprobates deal in fantasy and lies. Everything they’ve done has been farcical claims with lamentable results.
        They are seeking to drive people back because they are shitting themselves over the long-term state of the economy.
        Trump is a complete moron – I cannot believe people fall for it. He gets away with murder.
        You’re right about superbugs – sooner or later we’ll get a really bad one. If they put half as much into antivirals and antibiotics, instead of leaving it to money-grabbing pharmaceutical companies, as they do to nuclear weapons we’d be laughing.
        The Brexiteers don’t care – many of them will make a killing out of this.

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