The Corona Diaries – Day 167 (with Billy Bunter on Methedrine)

Today is a bit mixed – still quite warm but showery. I went for a nice 10 K walk this morning, read some of the really interesting Humankind and am playing Jackson Browne – which is very pleasant.

Apart from trimming the wisteria, I am working on my Harper book!

Predictably the morons in charge of us are messing up all over the place. Who knows what a mess Brexit is going to be???????

Johnson goes into this school doing his Billy Bunter impersonation, spluttering over the kids and telling them that all measures are in place and it’s safe. Now that school is among the first to go down with the virus. No wonder one of the kids called him an arsehole! He is an arsehole.

Kids education is important but this half-arsed way is ridiculous. They should have gone in to talk with the teaching staff about what was required and how to do it instead of just arrogantly issuing orders, failing to give support, advice, funds or assistance. What a bunch of tossers.

The first thing that should have been in place was the testing of staff with regular follow-up testing. That should have been along with testing for all students with symptoms.

But then that would probably have meant everybody having to travel to Scotland or Germany to get tested.

The leap in cases to nearly 3000 yesterday caused one of the scientific advisers to comment that they had lost control. That is, of course, complete rubbish. They have never been in control from day one.

Eat out to Help out and slim down for COVID. Opening restaurants, pubs and schools, encouraging people to use public transport, Barnard Castle, it’ll all be over by Christmas, mixed messages, U-turns, 2 metre – no 1 metre, changing messages, face masks are useless, no they are essential, you have to go back to the workplace, being in the same unventilated room for 15 minutes is dangerous, no it’s safe, kids can’t catch it – oh Kawasaki syndrome,  – is it any wonder that the virus is going back through the roof! We’re being led by idiots.

People no longer understand what they are meant to be doing. Most think it’s all over. Many think it’s a hoax. Many think it’s been overstated. Many think it is no longer lethal.

No wonder – our buffoon is not out there explaining it clearly and leading. All we get are photo ops and spluttering garbage. It’s like Billy Bunter on methedrine.

It will take two weeks before we start seeing the rise in deaths as a result of the rise in cases – then we’ll see if it is still lethal or not. If Brazil and the USA are anything to go by, with around a thousand deaths a day, I reckon it’s as bad as ever.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 167 (with Billy Bunter on Methedrine)

    1. Hi Dave. They are a right shower of incompetents. Johnson got rid of anyone with sense.
      We’re all doing good at this end – very productive – just missing contact with family and friends, gigs, cinema and normality!

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