Poetry – The Career Interview

The Career Interview


What dost thou want to be?

The man asked me,

As I sat upon the chair,

Turning on his computer

With great glee,

Running fingers

Through fading hair.


An oil tycoon,

I glibly said

Adjusting the beret

On my head.


What qualification dost thou have?

He asked me with a frown.

Now eyeing me


As if I were a clown.


I told him I had three:

Tying knots,

Climbing trees

And making cups of tea.


We’ve nowt for you lad.

He whistled through his teeth.


No oil tycoon vacancies?

I uttered in disbelief.


I’m not asking for the earth.

All I want’s a gusher.

Why, Putin was a nobody.

Now he’s king of Russia.


Have you considered

Yon careers for thineself?

Like digging holes?

Or stacking shelves?

Or one of Santa’s elves?


No. My mind’s made up.

A tycoon I will be.

I answered assertively.

Alright he said,

Shift thineself

Come and follow me.


Opher – 29.8.2020

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