The Corona Diaries – Day 158

Another cold, wet day in August! – Doesn’t bode well for January! But it did not deter me. With no symptoms of Covid clogging my lungs I braved the weather and marched up my hill like the Grand Old Duke of York! I even marched down again. There was not a lot to see on account of the weather and the mowing (which has driven the wildlife away.

I came back – completed the final editing of my book – Farther from the Sun and played a lot of old sixties Beat bands from my distant youth. Great stuff.

Meanwhile, the machinations of our useless government continue – schools, many of which have already gone back, finally get some guidance – bit bloody late mate! How anybody is supposed to implement things retrospectively is beyond me. They continue to make it up as they go along.

The warning of a second wave was stark from a leaked SAGE report concerning this winter – they are predicting a worst-case scenario of 85,000 deaths and lockdown restrictions reimposed.

Meanwhile, it seems that despite all that clapping for key workers, they are still going to be shat one. No pay rises for nurses and teachers, drivers and cleaners, shop workers and refuse collectors and all the others. They’ll leave it to all the vultures hovering around the government contracts to make a killing. I bet Rees-Mogg is rubbing his hands with glee!

I bet the government (just like Trump) are praying for an early effective vaccine (in Trump’s case it doesn’t even have to be safe or effective – just in time to get him elected). They have passed legislation to rush it through.

The debate on getting back to work continues. Forget the health risks – it’s the economy stupid! Forget the added pollution – get back to work! We need the workers using public transport, buying meals, coffee and champagne! Businesses are crashing!

Too late I fear! Firms have seen the light. Working from home is good and productive. People don’t enjoy hours commuting. People like working from home. I reckon we’ll adjust to a two day in and three days out approach – requiring less office space and a move out of city centres.

That’d be great for the environment and good for people. Firms can reduce their costs on expensive offices and we can convert a lot of that space into accommodation to ease the housing problem. Win Win Win Win. The only losers will be those firms servicing the workers or transporting them in.

It’ll settle. Compared to the job losses when we crash out with Brexit it’s peanuts.

In the race to be the world’s most incompetent twat Trump surges ahead. Not only do we have the most Weasley, lying, fear-mongering speeches designed to fire-up his base in an attempt to steal the election through the electoral college, but we have a continued rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths – another 45,447 new cases and 1009 deaths! That’s ahead of the lamentable Bolsonaro who slips to second with a mere 43,412 new cases and only 855 deaths. I’m sure he’ll do better tomorrow! I’m waiting for the dark horse (with currently the worst record per million in the world – our bumbling Johnson) to sneak up on the rail in the coming months. I think we’re in for a hard winter.

Don’t get too complacent good people. Corona loves complacency! Stay safe!!

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