Republican shows the depth of division Trump has created.

Watching America pull itself apart is quite scary. The level of hate, division and violence is frightening.

I stumbled across this video that seemed to sum it up. Carlos Piccata directs his fury at the legislature.

I can see what Carlos is upset about – what is making him so furious. His business is going under. His livelihood has collapsed. He is worried about his mortgage, his family and putting food on the table.

He is looking at the Coronavirus and thinks that it is being overplayed. He wants the government to open up and get back to normal. He thinks it’s a hoax. He sees facemasks as a symptom of government interfering with his life.

He then starts talking about armed rebellion to take control of his country.

He is wrong. He is following a narrative that has been supported by Trump and the Republicans. What this illustrates is everything that is wrong in America.

At present 177,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. That is approaching four times the number of Americans killed in the whole Vietnam War. At present the USA has 46,183 new cases a day with over a thousand deaths a day. That is no hoax.

America is in the midst of a pandemic. If measures are not taken – society locked-down, social distancing, hand washing and facemasks, the disease will get completely out of hand, overwhelm the health services and result in millions of deaths. That cannot be acceptable.

There is no way that that life can go on as normal while the pandemic is present. It is not a hoax and it is not to be taken lightly.

Which brings me back to the people like Carlos. America is the richest country in the world but the wealth has accumulated in a tiny percentage and areas of the country are like Third World countries. There are very poor labour protection, workers’ rights, environmental protection, health services or welfare.

America has this attitude that anything coming from government smacks of socialism and socialism is communism, that big government is the enemy. The result is that the rich get richer and the poor are exploited.

Trump has encouraged this.

What needs to happen is people like Carlos need supporting by government so that he and his family and his business can survive.

Carlos is wrong because not taking the virus seriously will kill millions and threatening armed insurrection is just plain stupidity which would result in a terrible war in which millions would be killed and America destroyed.

That’s my view – give Carlos a listen. There’s a debate to be had here.

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