Poetry – My Name is

My Name is


My name is Dominic Cummings

I don’t obey the rules.

My name is Gavin Williamson

I’m still in charge of schools.


My name is Dido Harding

From Track and Trace for fools

My name is Boris Johnson

I lack a full set of tools.


We’re all part of a government

That doesn’t walk – it crawls!


Opher – 24.8.2020

18 thoughts on “Poetry – My Name is

  1. Blindly crawls, stumbles, teeters, and topples, and insists on dragging the U.K with it into the proverbial mire. A shambolic shower of wazzocks.

    Gavin ‘F-grade’ Williamson – is due to appear before the House of Commons Education Committee on September 16th to face questions about the exam fiasco.

    On a different note (!) what do you make of the controversy surrounding the traditional anthem(s) Rule, Britannia! and Elgar’s military march, Land of Hope and Glory: there is/was suggestion they might be axed from Last Night at the Proms because of perceived links to colonialism stemming from the U.K’s imperialist past: if so what place do they have, what purpose do they serve, in this current global age? (And by extension, what of patriotism, isolationism, nationalism, and xenophobia?)

    Keep the ink flowing Opher!


    1. I’d do away with countries and make all forms of patriotism, nationalism, racism, tribalism and xenophobia illegal.
      I’d make Roy Harper’s ‘I Hate the Whiteman’ our world anthem (even though it applies to all races and human cultures.

      1. I had to look up the words, but your choice seems a fair shout Opher: quite the lyricist wasn’t he. I wonder what other songs might be suitable.

        Whilst on the subject, perhaps there should also be an redress of the U.K national anthem, as it might be perceived to extol patriotism?


      2. I wrote a new anthem a while back. I’ll put it out again for you. It needs a bit of work – perhaps you could sort it out?

      3. Yes – excellent – God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols would be good – but I still figure it should be Roy Harper!!

      4. I think it’s scathing satire Dewin!! Blake hated Christianity and patriotism. He was too intelligent. it was satire.
        i’ll ask him – but I’m not sure he’s talking to me at the moment.

      5. As do I Opher, and to be quite honest I think its genius! That it is sung at royal weddings is comedy gold.

        Perhaps the Pistols knew more than they let on, eh? ‘…There’s no future in England’s dreaming.’

        I’m sure you both can work it out. Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.


      6. Best someone somewhere hits the reset button then, and soon, else we’re stuck in a perpetual era of falsehood and cruelty led by myopic fools – ‘As a man is, so he sees’ (Blake) – towards oblivion.


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