The Corona Diaries – Day 148

I’ve got a good idea – we’re in the middle of a pandemic – let’s take the organisation responsible for looking after Health – Public Health England – apart and replace it with something else – National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP). I don’t think the fault lies with PHE – it’s with the clowns who are in charge and give them their brief. It’s with the clowns who ignore the reports and take no action. The buck stops with the politicians:

Worst deaths per million in the world!

Hardest hit economy in the G7.

You do not get figures like that for nothing. No amount of massaging figures makes them any better! BTW – still no figures being published following them jumping up to double in one day! This is obviously the new policy – massage the old figures and do not give any new ones – then people can’t call you incompetent!

Do I detect scapegoating? I think we should nihp that in the bud!

Is this part of the spin? Are the politicians looking to deflect the blame on to other people??

It doesn’t work with me. It was the politicians who decided to ignore the Cygnus report and were complacent and dithered – not PHE. It is the politicians who should get the blame!!

This smacks of Donal Trump! He blamed the WHO and used it as an excuse to remove funding. Cummings is trying the same trick.

I still haven’t heard a reason why their wonderful exam algorithm discriminated against kids from deprived areas – so much for levelling up. That has never really been a Tory priority has it?

While the Covid rages they are trying to slip in all manner of other crap. The later wheeze Cummings has sneaked in is housing. Under the guise of solving the housing crisis, he has managed to get the planning regulations altered. Now there are no environmental limitations or building restrictions. The government’s friends can make a killing building rabbit hutches for the masses just about anywhere they want.

Surely this is entirely the wrong approach? We need to build environmentally friendly, energy-efficient housing in the right places.

What we will get are the shoddy slums of the future, built in environmentally unfriendly places. Another case of cronyism and cash for the boys!

In the USA there are still around 40,000 new cases a day and in Brazil it’s back up to 48,000. The three biggest jerks are fighting it out to see who is the worst. My ratings are Trump out in front by a good way (the most ignorant, incompetent leader in history), followed by Bolsonaro (the most ignorant and vicious) and Johnson in third place (the dithering chancer trying to emulate Trump while being manipulated by the evil Cummings). But we have time for that to change.

I can’t believe that we are nearing the end of August. Summer is evaporating. On my walk up my hill, it looked like Autumn. All the harvest was in. The fields were either golden with stubble or brown with ploughed soil. The green has gone. Even the long grass by the hedgerows was dry hay. We better make the most of these last few weeks.

Meeting up outside feels fairly safe. Meeting up inside, in homes, pubs or restaurants, does not feel safe. But as outside eating and drinking are curtailed by the weather I can see the virus thriving.

The furlough scheme is due to end soon, then we will start to see the real number of job losses. It’s been disguised up until now. But already the announcements are pouring in – Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Pizza Express – all laying off staff. It’s the tip of an iceberg.

I wonder how they are going to disguise the job losses that will come in through Brexit and who they will blame that on?

Today I’ve been working on my book – Farther from the Sun – and playing some Christy Moore.

Stay safe everyone! The worst is yet to come!


6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 148

  1. Your post makes for grim reading today Opher. It seems the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Dark times ahead.

    Given the omni-shambles that is the consistent trademark of the U.K Tory government, the following article, whilst no surprise, makes for sober reading. Quite possibly it explains why the U.K government were so complacent and incompetent in their handling of the pandemic. Tories will of course vehemently deny such claims and demonize Corbyn for speaking out. It is the Tory way to lie and deceive.


    1. I think the world is hanging in the balance. If Trump gets in again in November it will re-energise Bolsonaro and Johnson and give them fresh impetus to be more extreme. That will spell misery for the environment and ordinary people. The future could be dire. If he gets chucked out with a resounding thump it may be cause for thought for those two evil bastards.
      That article shows the duplicity. They were openly talking about herd immunity. It was only when the modelling showed quite clearly that we were talking about millions of deaths that they changed policy. Those bastards lie.

      1. Then surely to goodness the American people must vote to oust Trump as if their lives and livelihoods depended on it.

        We, the U.K electorate have no such opportunity to rid ourselves of BoJo’s circus for four more, long, dark, destructive years.


      2. That’s true – I think Trump might be the watershed. If they boot him out it sets a tone. Bolsonaro is next and finally Johnson. But I suspect that their might be a crisis long before the end of Johnson’s term. The Tories may knife him and replace him or the mass job losses might spark a major crisis. We’ll see – many twists and turns to come.

      3. The Tory’s are hydra-headed Opher, and in power for 4 more years. BoJo may be ousted by his own party, but there’ll be another clown to take his place.

        Twists and turns you say: no doubt that’ll be the screw tightening in the U.K’s coffin.


      4. But things will get better. At the moment they are still incredibly 5 points clear in the polls. People are gullible and support them in this Covid crisis – but the scales will eventually drop.

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