Poetry – Hibernation’s over

Hibernation’s over


Hibernation is over!

We’re out from in our shell!

The sun’s peeping out

From over the top of the hill.


It was just a mirage.

We’re not really doing that well.

We weren’t oven-ready

Or as world-beating as hell.


We are behind the curve

Falling for Johnson’s hard-sell.

When will we emerge

From under his spell?


Opher – 8.8.2020



For all the cheerleading and enthusiasm, the soundbites and lifting of lockdown, we’re not doing anything like as good as we’re told.

We’re being lied to.

Johnson sells us a vision that isn’t true.

There is no magic 350 million a week. It was a lie, yet he continued to tout it around on his bus.

These trade deals with other countries are not a piece of cake.

There was no oven-ready Brexit.

There was no world-beating app.

There was no protective ring thrown around care homes.

It won’t all be over by Christmas.

We haven’t got a world-beating track and trace system.

We are not coming out of hibernation.


Dominic Cummings dreams up these snappy little soundbites and his puppet Johnson recites them ad nauseam (with a splatter of Latin thrown in to make him seem clever). Unfortunately, they are all lies.

They are all enthusiasm and bluster with no substance.


Those lies won him Brexit.

Those lies won him a big majority and gained him a Prime Ministership.

Those lies do not solve any problems what-so-ever!

Those lies have cost 46,000 lives.


Why is it that when the country’s crying out for a straight man, they send in the clown?

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