Poetry – The Courtroom Farce

This is based on the Christine Keeler affair, my experience as a juror, a witness at two trials, and the experiences of friends and a relative.

Justice is a lottery, a spectacle, a performance – there to create an illusion.

Someone may go down for a pint of milk while others remain untried after embezzling millions.

The Courtroom Farce


The courtroom and the judiciary –

An adversarial system,

A circus,

That does not bother itself

With establishing the truth.

It is only about winning.

The guilty are made innocent

While the innocent are sacrificed

In a system that is all for show.


In this lottery

Money talks.

As briefs find loopholes

And people are just chips

In the casino of learned words,

As we gamble

With the truth.


They talk of level playing fields,

That nobody is above the law,

And retribution falls on the mightiest,

But justice

Is but a game.


The charade is played out behind closed doors.

The spectacle is the tip

Of an iceberg

Under which it reeks

Of bribes, threats and corruption.


The biggest crooks

Rarely see the inside of a court,

Unless they are forced

By an unfortunate set of circumstances,

Or those who pull the strings

Want a show.

The odds are stacked.


Opher – 8.8.2020

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