To Nurture Nature! Or to die!

You are all most probably sick to death of me going on about the huge damage that was wreaked on the habitats near where I walk. They mowed the wide verges down the entire length of the road and completely destroyed the vestiges of wild habitat. The plants were in full flower and alive with insects. The seeds and insects provide the food for the hedgehogs, voles, owls, kestrels and kites.

I used to go on a walk eager to see what wonderful creatures I was going to find.

Since the destruction of all those acres of habitat, I haven’t seen anything.

The verges are now becoming green as the decimated plants regrow.

But they are devoid of flowers. It is too late now. The flowers have passed their season. There will be no seeds for the animals.

These verges are devoid of most insects. Countless multitudes of insects were destroyed. Those are the food for the birds, hedgehogs and shrews.

The birds and creatures will have another hungry winter.

Further down, on another lane, there were areas of verge which had not been mown.

It is easy to see the rich profusion of life – flowers, seeds, bees, butterflies and other insects

We are being urged to keep little wild patches in our gardens for the insects, for the wildlife, yet, for no apparent reason, acres of wild habitat are mown flat, wiping out whole communities of plants and animals.

If we want to have the beauty of nature around us we have to protect it!

If we do not look after the planet I fear we will have no future!

13 thoughts on “To Nurture Nature! Or to die!

      1. You would have loved it. Bottom line, cut a meadow once every year (leaving at least 6 inches), weed, plant native perennial flowers in a sporadic fashion. That’s as simple and and and wonderful as it gets.

      2. Ideal. We were out for a walk the day before yesterday and came across a wild meadow that looked as if it had been sown with wildflowers. It was a storm of colour. We need more of that.

  1. I agree with you Opher. I also wonder where all the wild spaces that we had as children have gone. A long time ago when I was young there was a small triangular patch of ground containing bushes at the top of our road. We spent many happy hours playing in there either making dens or playing hide and seek. One day, workers from the Council came along and cut down the bushes. They then laid grass seed and surrounded it with railings. I wonder why!

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