The Corona Diaries – Day 135

A beautiful day in Yorkshire! I went for a gorgeous walk in the sunshine. Perfect.

This afternoon I’m watching some cricket with a cool beer! All is right with the world!

The only things spoiling things are what is happening politically, medically and socially.

With close on a thousand new cases yesterday things are not looking good. The death rate is going down though, which is probably a mixture of better treatments and that the fact that it is younger people catching it. Since Dominic Cummings demonstrated to everyone that the rules do not exist everybody has been following suit. The young are meeting up in large numbers, families are meeting up, and the result is that there are flare-ups. It looks to me as if the pubs might have to be shut. They seem to be the main source of infection (indoors with people not social distancing. I wouldn’t have a problem with the young mixing if it wasn’t for the fact that they spread it on to the more vulnerable.

Europe has an increased number of cases (around 18,000), but, Brazil and the USA are both the worst hit – The USA another 53,206 cases and Brazil 55,000.  I think Trump is getting desperate as his re-election chances diminish. Not surprisingly his disaproval ratings are really high and he appears to be collapsing into incoherence and pointless ranting. His threats and scaremongering do not seem to be working. We’ll see. Biden seems to be winning by a landslide – maybe this will get rid of the loony side of the Republican party and get back to some sensible politics instead of this popularist partisan stupidity.

The latest research seems to indicate that those who are asymptomatic carry as much virus as those who are really ill. That means there are lots of people out there spreading the disease while believing they are clear.

I’m still enjoying this lockdown apart from the fact that I can’t meet up with friends and family. It has been a good, productive summer for me. I’ve been getting so much done!

The future does not look quite so rosy!

We’re already beginning to look towards winter and a flare-up of Covid and we’ve got Brexit to look forward too.

Meanwhile, this government is taking advantage of the lack of scrutiny due to the Corona crisis and is pushing stuff through.

It’s going to be a hard winter. By Easter they’ll be a lot fewer of us, we’ll have tacky houses springing up in our back yard, the environment will be buggered, millions will be on minimum wage and zero-hours contracts, all the car manufacturers will have fled, businesses will be closed, and we’ll be eating chlorinated chicken.

Johnson, Bolsonaro and Trump will meet up for a cocaine-fuelled celebration complete with strippers, Russian oligarchs and Kim Jong-un.

Still, who cares? If that’s what people vote for, let them have it!

I’m going back to the cricket! Stay safe!!

16 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 135

  1. Your assessment of the situation goes right along with my own over here in The United States. I am wondering how Trump avoids getting this virus and I am wondering if he might get it at some point. What would the world be like with Pence as president? I wish you well over there in Great Britain. I enjoyed your article.

    1. Cheers John – I somehow hope Trump does get the virus – as an elderly obese man he could be in serious trouble – but then the thought of Pence is not very alluring. But again – it would only be for a very short while. How much damage could he do?

      1. How much damage did he do in Indiana when he was governor there? By the way — thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it a lot.

      2. He has 80 million fanatic followers who I believe praise him as if he were a saint. Here is a sample of how they talk about him and to him:
        “We all pray for you, give you strength and surround you with our undying love and gratitude for your undying service. God will keep you and your family safe, our country will survive and we are eternally grateful forever and a day! Light will bless this world and all her children”
        I believe They are as fanatic as the SS was in Germany in the Second World War. I believe they would follow him off a cliff into a raging fire .. which I think is what they are actually doing although they are so blind that they cannot see or understand.

      3. Apathy, Privilege, Too much leisure, too much coddling and pampering, — these are the things that have happened to America and these are the things that will cause problems for everyone once Trump’s Russian friends start playing footsie with the administration –and start exercising a subtle form of control over those in high places … a process which has already begun with the recent revelation that some GOP members are actually using Russian-originated propaganda to try to denigrate Joe Biden. I think we are in danger of a virtual Russian take over if not an actual one.

      4. Russia seems to be poking its finger into every pie. Trump has been cosying up to both Russia and North Korea. All he cares about is making money!

      5. I believe he is slowly trying to set the stage toward becoming the American Dictator with allies in Russia.

  2. Opher, getting rid of Trump will NOT bring sanity back to an insane country. And if Biden does win all that will happen is there will be a dead man at the helm rather than a mad man at the helm. Either way we as a nation are doomed.

    And speaking of Mad, “What ME worry?”

    1. Hi Tub – good to hear from you. I dream of having a dead man at the helm – or no man – or a leprechaun – or even a bag of shit. The damage this mad man is doing is tremendous – the undermining of sanity, the environmental damage, the undermining of science and experts, the promotion of right-wing fascists – KKK, NRA, white supremacists – the undermining of allies, the cosying up to the likes of Russia and North Korea, the corona virus, race relations – it is unbelievable!! If he gets in again I think there will be a civil war.
      I agree that it won’t solve the fundamental problem – but it will solve the mental problem – we can deal with the funda later!

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