The Corona Diaries – Day 134

I see these Tories are trying to sneak all manner of things under the radar. First, we have the threat of a no-deal Brexit that they will try to blame on EU intransigence when it’s really what they wanted all along.

Second, we have the relaxation of the building regs. Forget environmental considerations or building standards. It’s going to be a free-for-all. You don’t think they’ll have a finger or two in the pie, do you? You don’t think their wealthy chums will be rubbing their hands with glee?

Coronavirus is proving a great smokescreen for a lot of nasty stuff.

Where is Johnson? The lazy git is meant to be leading us. He seems to have disappeared again. He pops up from time to time to dither about and make some pronouncement that causes chaos.

This week he launched two things: Dine Out To Help and Slim Down to beat Covid. Duh!!!

He makes eating out at fast food joints 50% cheaper and tells us not to eat junk food.

Is there a brain in there??

We have opening up and locking down. We have meeting up and staying apart. We have wearing masks and not wearing masks. I don’t think anybody knows what they are meant to be doing.

I just do my own thing. I’m staying isolated but I do a little meeting up with distancing. I’m having the odd (healthy) meal and pint out – as long as it is outside. It’s a question of keeping risks in proportion and ignoring our lazy leader.

Today I’m going up my hill for my 10K walk. I’m working on my Farther from the Sun book (page 93 now) and I’m getting the house back into shape after our carpet was put down. I’m playing some Dale Hawkins and might watch a bit of cricket. Another day in lockdown!

I’m taking it a bit easy today as I’ve got an upset stomach. Covid can start that way. You don’t suppose do you???

Stay safe everyone!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 134

    1. When I started this diary – 134 days ago – I assumed that, sooner or later, I would go down with the virus. I was after chronicling what it felt like. I did not really think I’d be 134 days in and no virus.
      But I don’t really think my upset digestive system is Covid – but I could be wrong. Watch this space.

  1. Opher, put your mind at rest. COVID doesn’t start with a stomach upset; it starts with a fluey cold and a high temperature. I have good reason to believe I had it way back at the end of January, before it was even acknowledged to be in the UK. Which is, maybe, part of why I’m so gung-ho about it now.

    And when you say, “I just do my own thing,” I agree.

    1. Neil – it’s Ok, I don’t really think I’ve got it – but the symptoms vary a great deal. My eldest son and his wife had flu-like symptoms but two of their kids had bad diarrhoea. You never know.

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