Three Useless World Leaders in the Corona Crisis.

A casual glance at the statistics reveals what has worked and what hasn’t, who has been effective and who hasn’t.

There are my three candidates for most useless.

3. Boris Johnson – UK – 46,000 deaths

With 46,000 deaths (on a conservative estimate) the UK tops the European table.

Johnson ignored the Cygnus report, ignored what was happening in China and ignored the WHO. He was caught totally unprepared – no PPE, no chemical stockpile for testing, no plans or strategy.

He’s always been renowned for laziness, not reading reports or doing his homework, and it showed. He missed the first 5 COBRA meetings (couldn’t be asked).

All that was in his head was Brexit and power. He was complacent, slow to act, indecisive and dithered. His communication skills are lamentable. He hid away (or was kept away), made a balls-up of policies – shaking hands, face-masks, distancing and could not control his chief adviser Cummings. He, his adviser and father all made a mockery of the rules laid down by the government. It ended up with him contracting the disease and nearly dying, and the public not being clear on what they could or could not do and completely losing faith in his direction. If Cummings and his father could do what they liked with impunity then so could everyone else – The Barnard Castle effect.

A lamentable lack of leadership. He’s out of his depth. Hence the disease is taking off again.

Zero out of ten.

2. Jair Bolsonaro – Brazil – 93,616 deaths

Clearly does not give a damn about his people. He misinformed them, refused to lockdown, wanted them back at work and told them it was only ‘a minor flu’.

All he cared about was the economy and power.  He pandered to his base by continued with big rallies with no social distancing and is pushing fake remedies like hydroxychloroquine.

The result is 93,616 deaths (rising by over a thousand a day) and a wrecked economy. He now has the disease and I hope he finds out that it’s not ‘a minor flu’.

I’ll give him minus ten out of ten for his callous stupidity and sociopathic tendencies.

1. Donald Trump – USA – 157,000 deaths

A narcissistic sociopath who really doesn’t care about the health of his people. All that was on his mind was cash and re-election.

When he came into power he disbanded the pandemic institutions set up by Obama and withdrew funding from science projects.

He actively discredited scientists and experts and encouraged conspiracy theories and superstition.

He started off not only ignoring what was happening in China or Europe and the WHO warnings, but telling everyone it was a hoax, a democratic ploy and just flu that would go away.

He claimed he was on top of it and it was under control, told industry to open up and pooh-poohed social distancing and facemasks. The economy came first.

He tried deflecting blame on to others – the WHO and China, Europe and the Democrats. It was a Deep State conspiracy, a product of a Chinese Lab, everybody else’s fault.

He pushed fake news about cures such as Hydroxychloroquine and came out with stupidities about disinfectants, bleach and UV light.

His actions undermined the health message being put out by scientists resulting in a far bigger crisis than would otherwise have been the case.

His ignorance, bungling and outright lies have resulted in 4.7 million Americans becoming infected with 157,000 losing their lives (with 1200 a day being added to that death total) and an economy in ruin.

A truly lamentable lack of leadership. Easily the worst in the world.

I’ll give him minus fifty out of ten!

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