The Corona Diaries – Day 130

Today – another pleasant Summer day in Yorkshire.

I still have had no symptoms of Coronavirus, which is not surprising as we have been in isolation. We have been taking more risks lately – meeting up with friends and family in socially distanced walks and meals, going in shops, having a pint outside.

I went up the hill for my customary 10K walk. The devastation of the mowed habitat really annoys me. It does not matter that it is growing back. Countless seeds, fruits and insects were needlessly destroyed – food for the hedgehogs, butterflies, bees, birds and voles, habitat for the hares and stoats.

I was lifted out of my disgruntled state by a kestrel that hovered in the air just feet away from me. I stood and watched it. Magnificent.

Back home I did a bit of writing and played Tommy Tucker.

Here in the UK Johnson is still muddling through. The virus is on the increase – 880 new cases and a further 120 deaths. It looks to me as if opening pubs and restaurants was not a good idea. There is talk beginning about shutting them again.

Johnson is doing it again – making statements without facts, nor a practical way of putting them into effect. He says schools ‘will’ open in September, but has no idea how that can be carried out safely. Once again – a statement without consultation or foundation. How can schools socially distance? How many in a classroom? What about toilets and corridors? What happens if someone tests positive? What is the risk for staff? The questions are endless.

Meanwhile, the USA and Brazil set the standard for ineptitude and stupidity. With crashing economies, they will impact on us too. Then we have Brexit and the end of the furlough scheme. I’m expecting mass unemployment.

Is our track and trace system working? Are we ready for a second wave? Is the NHS funded for the winter flu onslaught?

The futures not looking rosy – stay safe! Things can only get better! We’ll have another election in four years time!


4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 130

      1. I think that democracy has been taken over by populism. Too many gullible people. Too much media influence. Too much corruption. Too much global elitism. Elections are bought. Democracy is controlled. Money and power talks.
        We desperately need some honesty, integrity, inspiration and control.

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