The Corona Diaries – Day 128

Here we are in day 128 of lockdown!! Another beautiful day in Yorkshire. The sun shone all day long. It was a nice 25/26 degrees.

We went to the local beach – which, despite the day, was sparsely populated – very easy to keep at a distance. I did a good bit of reading. My present book is Stephen Hawking – Brief answers to Big Questions. It’s fascinating.

It takes my mind off the nonsense going on around us.

It looks to me as if we are heading for a surge. What with Dominic Cummings and Johnson’s father setting the tone, I think people have decided its every man for himself. Then with Johnson saying it’ll all be over by Christmas – what a joke!

The numbers of new cases are on the up – 763 new cases today and 83 deaths! They are getting very jittery. The relaxation of lockdown is on hold and they have introduced more stringent measures in the North of England.

In the States it’s going up again – 68543 new cases and 1231 deaths – and Trump still doesn’t seem to understand.

In Brazil it’s 57,837 new cases and another 1,129 deaths.

I don’t think these politicians care about people at all – yet they still retain some semblance of popularity! Unbelievable!

Well – after another lazy day – Keep safe everybody!!

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