?Sabotage or “Politization”?

Sums it up for me – arrogance and ineptitude!

Every Day Another Story

Sabotage is a word derived from the old French word for wooden shoes: sabot.

Two centuries ago, Luddite workers, feeling exploited by the new assembly, lines, tossed their shoes, the wooden sabots, into the machines to stop production. Since those times, the term has come to refer to acts that “deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage”.

There are new words for sabotage today. “Politization”. As in “mask wearing has been politicized”.

Unnecessarily, the strict shutdown measures that are apparently necessary to fight the virus have become identified with the Democratic Party. Hence, Trump feels compelled to take the opposite tack – and has led us down a horrid path of death and suffering. To give the devil his due, Trump immediately denied and minimized the seriousness of the virus. He is fully to blame for the “politization”, and for the deaths. The macho pose…

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