The Corona Diaries – Day 120.

The death toll seems to still be going down and there were only around 500 new cases here in the UK. Even counting for asymptomatic cases it’s a good trend. If we had an effective track and trace I think we could get on top of it!

Not so in the States, Brazil or India, where it continues to ramp up.

It focusses the mind on what we need to do.

This outbreak has been a failure on many levels – first China, then the WHO, then the leaders of our countries – particularly Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson.

If the Chines had shut down their ‘wet’ markets it wouldn’t have started. They need to stop killing wild animals.

If the Chinese hadn’t have denied the outbreak and covered it up it could have been contained.

If the WHO had not been slow to act it could have been contained.

If the USA, UK and Brazil had been prepared, like they should have been; if they had not been complacent and locked down quicker, this could have been contained.

I heard today that eleven outbreaks of potential pandemics had been successfully thwarted. Covid-19 is the twelfth.

With hindsight it is obvious what needs to happen:

  • Stop opening up remote natural regions and bringing us into contact with new viruses.
  • Stop the trade in wild animals and their slaughter in markets in Asia.
  • Have a worldwide alert to snuff out any new virus outbreaks at source before they get going.
  • Fund the WHO to do the job properly and not try to cover-up.
  • Fund work on antiviral drugs.
  • Store PPE, Respirators and chemicals used for testing, so that we have the equipment and means to deal with an outbreak.
  • Have robust contingency plans drawn up.

Instead of which Trump, after denying and obfuscating, is after loosening up environmental legislation, disbanding pandemic teams and withdrawing funding from the WHO. What a twerp.

Today we had a friend round for an SD walk. I played my Big Mama Thornton and did some work on Farther from the Sun.

I’m off to watch some football in an hour or so!

Stay safe everybody! Tell me what you think!ğŸ¤žğŸ‘

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