The Corona Diaries – Day 118

It seems that Johnson is buying up lots of vaccine from here and abroad in the hopes that one of them might prove to be the panacea. He’s getting in quick before Trump buys it all up. I’ve still got some doubts about a vaccine. The virus is mutating already and antibodies do not seem to last long.

If only they’d put money into general anti-viral drugs we might have had a treatment.

As the virus continues to soar in the States Trump has stopped going to coronavirus briefings and is still playing it down. He has refused federal funding for testing which smacks of trying to manipulate the statistics – just like he said he’d do; he’s trying to limit the amount of testing. He is also denying there is a big problem and claiming it’s just sniffles and over in a day. The trouble is that by playing it down he is encouraging his supporters to treat it lightly. Many still think it’s a hoax and are not social distancing or wearing facemasks. This politicisation of a crisis is so pathetic.

So today I was back to doing a little walking on a calf that is not quite so sore. I’ve been playing my Billy Boy Arnold and doing some work on Farther from the Sun.

Still not ill but life is strained. This constant thinking about the virus, contact with people and contagion, gets you down.

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 118

    1. Dump needs dumping – of that there is no question, Tub. He is toxic.
      Hi Tub – In the perpetual choice between the lesser of two evils never has it been so obvious a choice. Trump has brought the country to the brink of civil war in order to gain power. Anything is better than that.
      In terms of the homeless – yes, the government did a good job. They swept all the homeless off the streets and put them into accommodation. It is amazing what can be achieved when there is a crisis. Unfortunately, one lockdown is over, the empty hotel rooms they were shunted into are now needed again and I fear they will be kicked back out on to the streets again. The problem was not solved – just glossed over.

  1. Hey fellas! how’s the old echo chamber goin’ for ya? Despite our differences glad to see you are well. Hate to see you setting yourselves up for such bitter disappointment. Again.


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