Poetry – Dear Mrs Planet Too

I wrote three of these poems. I was imagining a naughty child being threatened with punishment by their parent.

They have been caught doing something they know is wrong. I wanted it to be the sort of letter of apology that a child writes when they are forced to grovel.

I wrote three of them with different rhyming structures and metre. I wasn’t sure which one worked best and at one point I thought I could meld them into one – but I don’t think that’s really possible.

I’ll post the third one in a minute or two.


Dear Mrs Planet Too


Dear Mrs Planet,

We’re so sorry about the trees,

All the insects and the bees.

We’re sorry about the animals

We’ve driven to extinction.

We’re sorry that so many of us

Are behaving without distinction.


Can you ever forgive us

For the way we’ve been treating you?

We thought you were just a lump of rock

And we could do whatever we wanted to.


So Mrs Planet, I know we’ve been running wild.

Busting up the place like a dysfunctional child.

But please tolerate us for a while

And we’ll find a way to reconcile.


We promise to be good and clean up all our mess;

To stop discharging into the poisoned air.

We’re holding up our hand. We will confess.

We’re really going to change and start to show we care.


Opher – 17.7.2020


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