The Corona Diaries – Day 116

Still going strong (albeit with a limp from my calf and a pain in the back) with no sign of Covid.

You have to laugh – Johnson has suspended reporting on numbers of new cases because he says they’ve been overreporting! What a joke! The reported number of deaths just exceeds 45,000 but the stats on the excess number of deaths is around 67,000 and now the government is trying to make out that 45,000 is too high!

Politics – the art of spin and lies.

There is now a big backlash from scientists who are baffled by Johnson’s claim to be able to get back to some kind of normality by Christmas. The man lives in La-La Land! He’s cuckoo!. He seems to think that talking something up enthusiastically solves everything! We’ve already had his rubbish regarding oven-ready Brexit, world-beating apps and a protective ring around Care Homes. We’ve had the wonderful world-beating Test and Trace system that still isn’t up and running. He’s a joke! It is either lies or he believes his own stupidity. Whatever he’s doing, he’s getting it wrong. He’s been sending out entirely the wrong messages – instead of caution and care we’re getting ‘coming out of hibernation’ and ‘all over by Christmas’! He’s a liability.

The number of new cases each day has flatlined. We are getting the same number every day and have done since the end of May. They are not getting the numbers down. They are not on top of it.

I’ll say it again – This is what happens when you put a clown in charge!

The reality is that the virus is still in the community. If we do not distance, avoid indoor spaces or big gatherings or washing hands, it is going to surge.

Scientists are expecting a big surge in winter. There are likely to be more deaths than we’ve had so far.

That is a lot different from Johnson’s silly pronouncements!

The silly thing is that his government knows it too. They’ve put more money into the NHS and are keeping the Nightingale hospitals going to cope with that expected surge.

Over by Christmas – my arse!!

My prediction is that there will be a surge in cases in the winter, a lot more deaths and we’ll be in lockdown until next summer.

The only hope is either an effective vaccine or a wonder treatment – neither of which is going to be here any time soon!

The stupid thing is, that managed better, we could be on top of this and back to something approaching normal. The PM needs to start reading reports and not shooting his mouth off!

In the USA it’s even worse. The numbers are spiralling upwards with 76,000 new cases yesterday! Their death-toll is going to be astronomical. The economic damage is going to go on and on. But, Hey, it’s just a hoax, right? A mild flu! It is all under control. Trump has done a great job!

The coronavirus is political. The USA has become so divided and nasty that it is ripping itself apart. Some of the reports I hear are just crazy. The Trumpists defy logic and reason.

Talking of logic and reason Brazil is not exactly showing the way. 78,000 deaths, a macho President still in denial and new cases still going through the roof.

We might have a buffoon in charge but at least I can look at Brazil and the USA and know it could be a lot worse!

To console myself, today I played my Doctors of Madness, went to have a distanced lunch with my daughter and her partner, and wrote a couple of poems.

Even in lockdown life is good! I’m eating well, drinking well, writing well, reading well and getting out and about!

Take care everybody! Best wishes!

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