How to Lead with the Coronavirus pandemic crisis – Opher’s view.

This is not an easy situation for anybody. We have a pandemic that kills many people and puts an even greater number in need of critical care.

The virus is new and the science regarding its transmission and effects are not fully understood.

People are either frightened or blase.

I want a leader who looks at the best information (particularly from Asia where they have had to deal with SARS MERS Bird Flu and Swine Flu and those countries dealing with Ebola).

I want a government that acts quickly to make crucial decisions.

I want a Prime Minister who explains things in a sober way, without spin, explaining the risks to health and jobs and the difficulty of balancing it.

I want honest statistics and information.

I want details, based on good science, on how to keep myself and my family safe.

I want honest information about future vaccination and treatments.

This is the opposite of what we have had.

We’ve got a lazy PM obsessed with Brexit who ignored what was going on with the virus for months and ignored WHO instructions to prepare.

We have a complacent government who ignored the Cygnus report, failed to prepare and were caught napping.

We have a government that has been behind the curve every step of the way – Lockdown, PPE, Ventilators, Apps, Test and Trace and facemasks.

We have a PM who is useless at getting the message across. He has been cheerleading instead of leading. Compared to Wales, Scotland and Ireland we have been lamentable! Look at the calm manner and factual way other countries have dealt with it.

Over by Christmas????? You must be joking! What message is the buffoon sending out!!

The problem is that he’s lazy, he shoots his mouth off without thinking, makes promises he can’t keep, lies through his teeth and thinks he can bluster and make it all go away!

He’s a clown, out of his depth, who just wants to be popular!!

This is why we have a continuing high level of new cases and 45,000 dead!

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