The Corona Diaries – Day 114

Well, I was pleased to hear that we’ll have an independent inquiry into how the Corona crisis was handled. I expect a lot of flak to be flying from that one.

Today was a strange one. My calf muscle has greatly restricted my walking so I could not go out for my customary 10K walk. Instead, I had to stay in and watch the cricket – not too exciting a match.

I did some work on my novel – Farther from the Sun – and played some Gene Vincent, but having a sore calf was a bit of a depressing affair. I miss my walking.

Tonight I will watch some football and hope my leg improves for tomorrow.

On the Corona front we are still in isolation. Neither of us has had any symptoms (not surprising). Of our kids, only one has had the illness. In terms of people we know – nobody close has died, though we do know of neighbours who have.

I’m just fed-up with talk of facemasks, the economy and the incompetence of our leaders. Normality would be nice. I now wonder what the new normality will be like??? Travel?? Friends?? Holidays?? Family visits??

There is much talk about a big surge in Winter and this disease coming back for years to come. There is also much talk about a possible Oxford vaccine that is looking promising. It is so hard to get an effective vaccine for a corona virus – I’ll reserve judgement.

We are dealing with an unseen killer. It appears not to be there, but it is. It takes it’s toll because you always have that at the back of your mind, every parcel, every food delivery, the newspaper, you find yourself thinking about who has handled it; is it safe? If we were more cautious we’d wash things down with disinfectant or leave them for two days – but we aren’t. We figure the risk is slight. After handling goods from outside we wash our hands.

Life is a risk. We have to live.

Anyway – after a boring day – stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 114

  1. A buddy bought a home nest to the oldest graveyard in the county. quiet neighbors, but taking a stroll through it, saw grave after grave with two or more people in them, headstones all 1918, 1919. Families dying a couple of days apart. Our darkest days are ahead of us, I fear. Love those around you with passion.

    1. Looking at the curve I think you are right. Hundreds of thousands more deaths are likely. It is out of control. Come the winter, if we don’t have a vaccine, it is going to be a nightmare.

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