The Destruction of Nature.

I’m still greatly infuriated at what has happened to the large expanses of natural habitat that has been wantonly destroyed.

We live in a world where nature is under attack. We are encouraged to set aside areas in our gardens for insects because their numbers have crashed, yet a huge expanse of rich habitat is just stupidly flattened. It does not make sense!

I think it has spoilt my summer. No more chances to see those wonderful animals – the stoats, kestrels, owls and kites. Without anywhere to live or food to it they will be elsewhere.

Here is a picture of what the hill looked like a short while ago:

Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the really wide verges where the stoats live.

This is how it looks now:

A wide, 5-metre verge, has been mown. All the wildflowers are gone. The undergrowth is gone. There will be no seeds, no insects and so no food for the birds, voles and mice, so no food for the stoats, owls and kestrels.

The litter is now scattered everywhere. It looks disgusting.

The above photo is taken from a similar place to one in the first batch.

These are narrow verges but they have been mown too. You can see on the right-hand side the height of the undergrowth and flowers. On the wider verges, this provided habitat for millions of insects and the creatures who feed off them. The loss of flowers is terrible.

9 thoughts on “The Destruction of Nature.

  1. Opher, Tubularsock can’t speak for the English but we American’s cut down everything because we have military surplus mowers that are given to cities and towns along with tanks and armored vehicles used by the police to give out parking tickets. AND from the looks of it WE are way better at littering than you guys!

    But hey, we’re different here!

    1. That does not make me any happier Tub! I’m starting a campaign here – do I have to start one over there too? I might just lobby Trump. That’ll do it!

  2. It’s just so sad to see people destroying nature like this. I just wish more people understood the importance of nature and appreciated its beauty.

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