The Corona Diaries – Day 111

I think I’m beginning to forget what life used to be like!

Here in the UK, we have had another 820 cases and 148 deaths yesterday – both up on previous days.

In the USA they have recorded another 60,719 new cases and 482 deaths. Is this Trump’s attempt to be top in the whole world??

In Brazil, with the other populist leader vying for most stupid, they had another 39,000 new cases and 631 deaths. Bolsonaro may yet come on as the worst. It’s a bit of a three-horse race.

Johnson wants everybody back at work and out in the shops and restaurants, buying things. It is still unclear whether you have to have a facemask on while you’re sipping your latte, and filter it through, or whether you can, like those Muslim women do, lift it to eat and drink?

A worrying UK report indicates that the antibodies built up in an infection do not stick around long. They diminish very quickly. After a few months they have gone. That is bad news for reinfection, herd immunity and vaccination. It seems that the Coronavirus acts like the common cold virus. This means we would have to be vaccinated every three months!

Another small aside that I noticed was one doctor remarking that reinfection may cause damage to the lungs. There are reports of permanent lung damage, heart damage and brain damage, as well as long-lasting psychological problems and impact on general health and fitness. This is one nasty bug.

My calf is still sore but I managed a walk on the flat doing my 8.5 kilometres (shorter than usual). I want to keep my fitness levels up!

Back home I’ve been sending work off to publishers (which one is going to be the lucky one???) and playing Steel Pulse.

Another day down without succumbing to the virus! Stay Safe everyone!!

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