The Corona Diaries – Day 108

I’m a little bemused. We have opened up shops, cinemas and just about everything now (the result of which will show up in two or three weeks time) and Johnson is urging us to eat in restaurants (giving us 50 per cent off), but we know that the virus is spread via droplets in confined spaces (like restaurants, shops and cinemas). Is he deliberately trying to entice us into enclosed spaces where we are much more likely to catch the disease? We have an increase to 642 new cases today and 85 more deaths. Surely it makes sense to eradicate the disease before opening up? Wouldn’t it make more sense to open up in outside areas and not inside?

I’m going for a meal with friends tomorrow. We’re going to our local restaurant – but we are social distancing and will be eating outside.

If the government wanted they could pedestrianise and give space for cafes and restaurants to provide outside seating. Why didn’t they do that?

Johnson has now done a complete U-turn and is urging facemasks now. About time too!

In the USA they’ve topped 136,000 deaths – another 874 deaths today – and have 57,500 new cases in an upward trajectory – including a spike due to Trump’s rally.

In Brazil, as Bolsonaro takes a useless drug to ward off his illness,  they have had 69,406 deaths – 1220 more today – with another 42,619 new cases.

Don’t you just love populist leaders??

It’s not been a good day today. I think tempers are a bit short. We went for a walk to discover that the beautiful area, where we have seen so much wildlife, has been flattened. The ten metre-wide verges, full of wildflowers, where the stoats, hedgehogs and butterflies live, where the barn owl hunts and the kestrel, buzzard and fox, has been mown along the whole length of the road. All those habitats destroyed. The flowers were coming up to seed. There were caterpillars on the nettles.  Where are the creatures going to move to? There is so little natural habitat left. It is all highly industrialised fields, sprayed with insecticide – lethal death-traps for any insect that dares to go near – a barren green desert. This is a disaster for wildlife.

On the way back I pulled a calf muscle, so it looks as if my walks will be out for a few days.

The West Indies seem to be taking us apart at cricket.

So I sat at my computer, wrote a strong letter to the council and one to the local press, played my Family albums and felt very pissed off.

Stay safe!! Tomorrow might be a better day!

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