Poetry – A New National Anthem

Well, we have to have something better that God Save the bloody Queen, something rousing, something that reflects the strength of equality and diversity, something that encompasses the beauty of nature and the spirit of our people.

Britain is a hybrid nation and all the richer for that. It’s time we exalted nature and embraced our differences.

I don’t like nationalism or patriotism; I like togetherness and shared values. Britain is such a wonderful place. Its people have striven for equality and freedom for centuries. Social justice and an end to racism are worthy causes. We have such beauty and wonderful nature. Surely that all needs to be there in any anthem??

Trevor more or less dared me. This is the first attempt. Perhaps we can work on it???

A New Anthem


Equality! Diversity!

My Britain, our love of thee!

From Green rolling hill,

Down to your rippling sea,

From mountain peak,

To rustling tree,

You are always part of me.


Standing tall for fairness

Down through the centuries,

With love and tolerance

Through adversity.

My country,

That is our love of thee.


From Asia and Africa

They called out your name.

For justice and peace,

To you they all came.

My country, we demanded –

Put right the shame!


Equality! Diversity!

It is the quality;

That hybrid spirit

In Fraternity,

That reaches out to me!


From your purple moorland,

To your forests green,

The ponds, streams and rivers

Your beauty stands supreme.


Home to many creatures,

You nurture in your arms,

The bounty of nature

Unlocked within your charms.


Equality! Diversity!

It is the quality;

That hybrid spirit in fraternity,

That reaches out to me!


But you are only as strong

As the people you enfold.

By standing up for justice

Is what makes us all so bold!


So people, in one spirit,

In solidarity,

One nation, one people,

With strength in unity.


Equality! Diversity!

It is the quality;

That hybrid spirit in fraternity,

That reaches out to me!


Opher – 8.6.2020 (for Trevor)

7 thoughts on “Poetry – A New National Anthem

  1. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:

    Last night of the Proms – let’s get away from bombastic nationalism, xenophobic patriotism, smug superiority and slavery!
    If there has to be a National Anthem at all! I’d prefer a world anthem!
    But who’s a musician out there who can put it to music???

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