The Corona Diaries – Day 105

This is a long time to be isolated. I think the weight of it has an impact on our psychology. There must be an underlying tension that I’m not even aware of. There is a surreal quality to it because there is this normality behind which are a lot of changes, behind which is an unseen killer. One has the knowledge that walking past someone, touching something, handling the mail, opening a parcel, picking up the newspaper or answering the door, could put you at risk. I feel pretty easy about that. My reasoning tells me the risk is not great, but all the news, the lockdown and isolation creates a tension, puts you on alert, makes your monkey brain work overtime. It can either make you paranoid or sent you the other way into not caring at all. They are both reactions.

I think the key is to relax, reduce risks to a minimum and try to live life as normally as possible.

It’s hard to be normal when we’ve got a Prime Minister who is a fool. His handlers let him off the leash again today. Every time he opens his mouth without a script or autocue. The man is a liability. Today it was trying to shift the blame on to the Care Homes. Typical. They panic, dump covid 19 patients back into Care Homes, creating a major catastrophe, then try to blame the Care Homes. How were people on minimum wage, deprived of PPE and sound advice, meant to deal with that mess?

Today I played my Eels (brilliant), took a walk up my hill for my customary 10 K walk, and decorated the front room. After three days I’m knackered, but it is finished. We’ve now decorated most of the house. Carpet arrives next week and we get back to this strange normality. Tomorrow I plan to chill out and watch the Test Match – with a beer or two!

I’m off to watch a bit of telly!! It’s about all I’m good for!

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 105

  1. If you wish I could give you a few series recommendations on Netflix. It’s nice to speak with you after so long:). I have more or less been inside the house since the beginning of March. Sometimes its quite astonishing for me too. But time sure flies fast when you are good at procrastinating. However, I’m trying to bring that down these days. Would love if you have any tips!

      1. Okay. Try ‘Dark’ on Netflix. It just came out with it’s latest and final(I think) season. It’s quite an amazing sci-fi . But DON’T watch it with children and relatives. There are a few nude scenes in between that just jump out of nowhere. I didn’t know that and almost had a disaster.

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