The Corona Diaries – Day 104

Today saw bail-outs for theatres and live entertainment. It sounds good but the proof will be in the pudding. With everywhere shut down, nowhere to perform and lots of overheads a lot of places are not going to make it and a lot of performers, who were living hand to mouth at the best of times, are going to be in dire straits.

I can’t help thinking that we are in a strange unreality. The real magnitude of job losses has not manifested itself yet. I like the idea that we are looking to invest our way out of trouble. That’s what we should have done with the last recession instead of a decade of austerity for the poor. Even the Tories recognise that there’s no more flesh to be carved off those bones.

I would like to have seen strings attached to the new build, build, build policy – a proviso of green standards, a move towards a green economy, protection of the environment. I fear that the bulk of the profits for all this is going to find its way into familiar pockets.

As predicted, the relaxing of rules, with Johnson spouting enthusiastically about coming out of hibernation and getting down the pub, has resulted in flouting of social distancing. The relaxing of the regulations in other countries has resulted in fresh outbreaks and further lockdowns. We’ll see in three weeks time! I think it was foolish, premature, and done in the wrong way. It’s playing with fire. If there is a big surge in Corona we’ll all be locked down again and even more jobs will go. The message came out that the crisis is over. Oh for a more sane and thoughtful leader!

But things could be worse; we could have Trump or Bolsonaro!!

So today it was cloudy. We went into town and bought a carpet (risking going in a shop). I went for my walk up my hill (the irony of disease making me so fit!) and then decorated the front room. The fun never stops! I could be writing!

My new Sci-Fi book blog is up and running.  Take a look and cheer me up:

So for now – stay safe.

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