The Corona Diaries – Day 101

Well, today is the last day before everything opens – pubs, restaurants. hotels and hairdressers. Tomorrow it’s back to normal. The flights are back and the schools are opening. It’ll be like Coronaq never happened!

Or will it?

Well, we’ve seen in Texas, where the Trump minions are in denial and social distancing ios a commie plot – the virus is going through the roof. Even Trump is beginning to advocate facemasks. He’s so behind in the polls there is talk of him not standing. That would be interesting. It looks like Corona, and his own ineptitude has burst his bubble. They’ll take the Republicans down with him. What a shame about all those religious nutters.

Will we follow the same pattern once our own brand of loonies is out and about? I reckon so.

Johnson is taking a risk. I hope he’ll do the right thing and resign if it goes pear-shaped. But then he’s got Dominic Cummings as a role model. His father galivants off to Greece in defiance of the rules. But then we all know the rules are only intended for us peasants. That bunch of privileged wankers are exempt.

So I continue in isolation. Over a hundred days of solitude. Didn’t Gabriel García Márquez write about that? Oh no – it was a hundred years – let’s hope not!

Today I painted the front room and played Dead Kennedys. Then I walked my ten kilometres up my hill. I haven’t done much writing but the ideas are flowing. This solitude takes its toll on your disposition.

So stay safe! Don’t go to the pub – leave that to the loonies.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 101

      1. MP3 and PDF sent. Today, I took a longer drive, looking at which pubs were open and which weren’t. It was around two-thirds either already open, or with a sign up giving an opening date. I worry about the other third.

        But some good news for once… the pub I featured in my first “Still Locked Down…” article, which I thought was about to be converted into housing, is actually being renovated, and will open again soon!

      2. Cheers Neil – I’ll check that out tomorrow.
        I reckon we’re going to lose a lot of pubs, music venues and restaurants.

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