The Trial, Belief, and Tragedy Behind “Hallelujah”

An interesting insight into the song.

Old time rock and roll

The song, “Hallelujah.” We’ve all heard it. Actually, whether we know it or not, we’ve all heard itmany times, covered by numerous people, in dozens of different places. In fact, “Hallelujah” has been covered over 300 times, in various languages, and can be heard in stores, on the radio, in film, or on television to this very day. It’s allure and history has been the subject of a BBC documentary and a book.

Imagine that. Anentire book aboutone song.

For me, “Hallelujah” has always had a chilling and raw essence to it. No matter the version. It makes me feel instantly vulnerable yet calmed, and now, knowing it’s full story, I understand why.

“Hallelujah” was written by Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, and novelist, Leonard Cohen. It was not a happy accident, nor did it come to him in a dream. This song was a labor of love (and…

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