The Corona Diaries – Day 105

It’s deja vu all over again!! Another day in lockdown. It’s getting to feel unreal. It feels as if we live in a bubble – outside of our bubble the world is trying to be strangely normal – but failing.

Outside the government is trying to lift the lockdown. We can go to the beach. We can book holidays in Europe. They’ve put ‘airbridges’ in place. The shops are open. Pubs, cinemas, hotels and restaurants are opening soon.  Yet there were 987 new cases today and still a hundred deaths. Only a short while ago a hundred deaths would have seemed quite shocking.

It is surreal. The economy needs boosting. Peoples’ jobs are at stake. But this is far from normal. A good leader would have spelt that out instead of cheerleading on coming out of hibernation. One look at Florida and Texas where Trump encouraged them to go back to work and the virus is surging. Over here we’ve had mass raves, Liverpool celebrations and packed beaches. People are not being careful. It’s as if they are inviting a second wave followed by another lockdown. Sure one can meet up, even go to the beach or on holiday but common sense says that social distancing and hand washing are necessary.

The trouble is that those who are irresponsible put the rest of us more at risk by making the virus more prevalent. It’s thoughtless, stupid and selfish.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it. The people voted these buffoons into office. We’ll all suffer the consequences.

So today I sent off to literary agents, took a long walk and watched Man U squeeze past Norwich. It was a good day.

Whereas yesterday was blazing hot, today was cloud and rain, but I had a good walk. The patch of orchids was beautiful, a bunch of peacock butterfly caterpillars on the nettles were awesome. I mourned the stoat that had been run over though. Such a wonderful creature. Only a week ago I had delighted as the family of stoats ran across the road in front of me – now one of them was squashed.

Tomorrow I meet up with grandchildren for a SD get together. Looking forward to it!! First time in six months!!

Stay safe everyone.

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